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8 Reasons Why Your Loved One Might Be Denied Bail

Did any of your friends or relative get arrested recently? If this is true, then it is possible to get them out of jail through bail bonds in Orlando. Before the court hearing date, they may be released on bail but in some cases, your loved one may not be granted bail. There are some reasons responsible for this and it is important that you find out what could be the reasons why your loved one is not released on bail. Continue reading to find out what some of those reasons could be.

1. The crime he/she is being accused of is quite serious

This is important when trying to get your loved one out of jail with bail bonds in Orlando. The seriousness of the crime is usually considered before granting them bail. If it is a murder, kidnapping, rape crime or any other serious crime, the suspect will most likely not be released or the bond will be set very high.

If along the line, there is enough evidence to show that your loved one may be innocent of the accusation leveled against him or her, the bail could be reduced. But in most cases, the suspect of a serious offence is usually denied bail and will remain locked up until their hearing date.

2. If they come off as a flight risk

The judge will have to decide if your loved one might run away after making bail. If the judge feels your loved one may be a flight risk, the judge will deny him or her bail. The judge only needs the tiniest reason to think that your loved one might not show up in court and bail will be denied.

3. They are dangerous to the society

It is undeniable that your loved one is someone you love; but you are not responsible for their actions. The point of granting bail is for the accused to get out of jail, go home and be a responsible citizen until their hearing date. But this does not always happen; in some instances, the bailed-out suspects leaves jail to cause more trouble, or get themselves or others hurt in the process. If the judge thinks it is better for your loved ones to remain locked up because of the threat they may pose to the society, then they will be denied bail.

4. It is not the first time they are getting arrested.

has your loved one been convicted before? It is possible that they are on probation or parole. If they get arrested and you are thinking of getting bail bonds in Orlando, don't even bother yourself because no judge will grant bail to a repeat offender.

5. They are not a legal citizen of the United States

This will even complicate matters for your loved one. It is one thing to be a suspect in a crime, it is another to be in the country illegally. Judges will not be lenient with a citizen that is not legally recognized. As a matter of fact, you cannot get bail bonds in Orlando if you are already preparing to post bail for them.

Usually, for every undocumented immigrant, once discovered, will be reported to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. They will first off get a sentence for their crime and will most likely face deportation.

6. If your loved one disrespects a judge in Court

You need to properly educate your loved one about good behavior. If your loved one does something as little as yelling at a judge or showing disrespect in other ways, the judge is well justified in denying him or her bail. Even though, the judge can reverse the decision along the line, it is in the best interests of your loved one to act civilly in the courtroom.

7. They have a history of failing to appear in court

This is almost similar to being a repeat offender. If your loved one has been arrested before and has missed court hearing in the past, a judge might be unwilling to grant them bail for that sole reason. It is important that people understand the need for them to always show up in court when required. This will make the stress of setting up a bail bond in Orlando worth it.

For a judge to grant him or her bail despite the fact that he/she has missed court appearance in the past, it would take a very good lawyer to convince the judge.

8. They are mentally imbalanced

It is extremely risky to allow a mentally impaired suspect leave jail. No judge will grant such a person bail and even if it is considered, a mental evaluation will be carried out first to ascertain the state of mental health of that person. Once the results of the evaluation have been provided, the judge will be able to make an informed decision and you can get bail bonds in Orlando for them so their bail can be posted.

If you can, get the judge information about the mental well-being of the person to hasten the process of getting your loved one bailed out.

Your loved one is denied bail, what is the way forward?

The reasons listed above are general reasons so you need to make moves to find out the specific reason why your loved one is denied bail. You should also get in touch with experienced bail bondsmen in Orlando so you can know what your options are. If the decision gets overturned along the line, you should be prepared to do whatever you can to help them. The first step is to get bail bonds in Orlando. Contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds to get more information by calling 407 246 0919.