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Official Duties & Restrictions of Unlicensed Employee Working In A Bail Bond Office

The capacity and functions of a bail bond company can only be undertaking by licensed, bonded, and insured professionals as prescribed by law. Since bail bonds have to do with the legal right to bail of an accused and arrested person, the law deems it fit that only a qualified professional or company duly registered and certified, can post cash (bail bonds)...

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The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Bail Bond Indemnitor

There is a saying that blood is thicker than water, and money cannot buy some friendship or certain relationship broken by the most vigorous storms cause’ they’re built on solid rock. Hence, you see people—relatives, friends, and neighbors, standing in the gap to co-sign the bail bond documents that will help secure the release of an accused from jail...

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Technology and Bail Bonds in Orlando

Every day, the impact of technology in all facets of our lives continue to become even more widespread. Technology has continued to ease up our way of life and continue to help us perform work more efficiently. As simple as mobile phones are, they have now evolved into powerful smartphones that do so much from letting us know how many calories that you’ve burned on your last exercise walk to the location of the most cost-effective gas station.

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Bond Revocation: What You Need to Know

Bail bonds in Orlando are processed so that a defendant can be let out of jail while he waits for the set court dates to come. Now in a case where the defendant does something contrary to his bail conditions in the agreement, like failing to appear at a court appointed hearing, then the bail can be revoked.

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Top Tips to Remember If You Find Yourself Under Arrest

There are many emotions that come to mind the moment you are told by a law enforcement officer that you have been placed under arrest. You can feel things like anger, disbelief, trepidation and other feelings. Confusion is one of the most common feelings and while you are still wondering what could be going on, there are some things that you must bear in mind at all times.

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Different Types of Bail Bonds in Orlando and How to Get Them

If you find yourself arrested, getting your freedom back until your appointed court date is never a straightforward arrangement even when everything goes without a hitch. There are many different types of bail bonds in Orlando that are available to you. Knowing what to process for you goes a long way in making sure that you leave jail as soon as possible.

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Understanding Federal Bail Bonds

Bail bonds can be difficult to navigate when dealing with the criminal justice system. At the local level, some understanding of bail bonds is needed in order to secure the release of a loved one. When there is a federal offence involved and there needs to be a federal bail bond process, then there can be a lot more red tape and anxiety involved because the process is much more different.

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Who really makes money off Bail Bonds?

The Justice system is seriously flawed and those affected the most are typically the poor and defenseless. One of such poorly-thought stipulations is the mandating of people to wait for trial in order to pay bail charges. This means a sizeable number of accused people who are obligated to make some amount of cash deposit that enables them leave jail for their homes as they await trial. The adverse consequences of a system such as this is stringent living conditions to come in the cases of low-income accused people and citizens considered as “blacks”, whose community is frequently plagued by a higher rate of crime and jail time.

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Top Reasons Why People Get Arrested During Holiday Weekends

Getting a call to inform you that someone close to you has been arrested during a holiday weekend such as Labor Day can be aggravating because those are times to spend with the family and finding one’s self in a jail cell might not be the best way to spend the holidays. Holidays can be stressful to people that cannot afford to partake in the merriments or those who do not have family to spend it with or those who are having such a great time at family gatherings and parties that they drink too much...

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How bail bonds work for burglary charges

Burglary usually comes in different tastes and flavors; in some cases, a dwelling or structure such as homes and offices may be burgled, in other cases, elements of conveyance such as vehicles, planes or boats may be burgled. Whatever the case may be, if there is anything common to all cases of burglary, it is the simple fact that entry into such properties was made without the permission of the owner and with an intent to commit a crime therein. From another legal angle, the term burglary also covers all legal entries into a property, in which the offender comes in with the intent to commit an offense or when the permission to remain within the premises has been withdrawn. More often than not, the sole aim of most burglaries is theft.

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