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4 Factors Considered when a Bail Bonds Amount is Set

4 Factors Considered when a Bail Bonds Amount is Set

4 Factors Considered when a Bail Bonds Amount is Set

Dealing with an arrest is sure to a challenging time in life. You may be confined to jail until further notice, and you will want to be released as quickly as possible. This can be the tricky part and unfortunately it may be necessary for you to remain behind bars until a bail has been set. It’s the job of the judge within the jurisdiction where the crime was committed to establish the bail for you. Of course, your best resource during a situation of this magnitude is relying on bail bondsmen in Orlando once bail has been established. It can be helpful to understand the factors that may impact the decision of the judge when your bail is set.

Factor #1: Severity of the crime

When it comes to the bail bonds amount being determined the judge will closely review your individual case. The worse the crime is the more you can typically expect the bail to be when you’ve been arrested.

For example, if you’ve been accused of theft versus committing murder, the amount set will be substantially less for the theft accusation. This is because you may not be considered as high a risk to society.

However, once the bail has been established, you can contact bail bondsmen in Orlando to guide you through the steps that must be completed for your release.

Factor #2: Previous warrants

Has there ever been a warrant issued for your arrest in the past? When it comes to the judge establishing a bail bonds amount, this will be considered before one is set.

It’s highly likely that your bail bondsmen in Orlando will quiz you about previous arrests to determine certain things that may occur to get your early release from jail. Be sure always to be upfront and honest with this professional because this individual is on your side and needs to know these things.

Factor #3: Family ties

Do you have others in your family or community that can vouch for your integrity and character? If so, you will want to let the judge know this because this may have an impact on the precise amount of bail that will be put into place by this legal official.

If you have children to raise or a spouse that is financially dependent on you, this could play a role in the final decision of the judge when it comes to your bail. Letting your bail bonds in Orlando professional know about other family members may be helpful to your case.

Factor #4: Past criminal record

If you’ve broken any laws in the past and have been convicted of these, this may cause your bail bonds amount to be higher. Of course, each situation will vary, but having a substantial criminal record will be taken into high consideration by the judge.

You should bear in mind that all of your past legal documents will be easy for the court to obtain and nothing you’ve been convicted of in the past can be hidden. It’s additionally in your best interest to discuss previous convictions with your own bail bondsmen in Orlando professional.

The key to being as prepared as possible for the amount of bail that will be put into place for you is by knowing the factors that will influence this. Don’t neglect to rely on the assistance of licensed and bonded bail bondsmen to help you during this more challenging time in life as necessary.