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Our Process

Trust Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando when you are in need of the best bonding services.


Have you recently been contacted by a family member or friend to secure them a bond? Are you confused about exactly what the bail bonds process is? At Mike Snapp Bail Bonds, we aim to keep you informed during each step of the bail bonds process. The bail bonds system was created to release a defendant from jail while his court case is proceeding. This gives them the ability to remain at home while their sentence is being determined by the courts. When you contact a bail bonds agency, you are looking to release the individual from jail as quickly as possible. Bail is set while the individual goes through the booking process at their arresting facility, and this bail determines the amount of the bond that is required. A bail is a contract that depends upon the individual's performance, behavior, and attendance at all required court dates and events.

Contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando if you are in need of reliable and convenient bail bonds services.


At Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando, our experienced agents are trained to work with you to provide a smooth, reliable, and confidential bail bonds process. This is how our bail bonds process works:

  1. Once your family member or friend needs your help to get out of jail, you pick up the phone and call us.
  2. We will ask you for basic information about the arrest, the individual, and your relationship to that individual. This includes the arresting facility, the circumstances surrounding the arrest, what crimes they are being charged for, any employment information, and how long they have been in custody. This may also require you to answer some other pertinent information to begin the bonds process.
  3. Our agents assess the risk of issuing the bond.
  4. We work to draft an agreement for you to sign.
  5. We meet or discuss the agreement with you to finalize the bond paperwork.
  6. Your agent will officially post the bond at the arresting facility in order to have the defendant released.

When you work with Mike Snapp Bail Bonds, you will be charged a fee of 10% of the full bond amount or a minimum of $100 as required by the laws in the state of Florida. We offer many payment options to help make the process convenient, efficient, and stress-free for you.

Our agents will work with you every step of the way to help you properly and safely secure bail bonds in Orlando whenever you need to help your friends or family members be released from jail. We work quickly to help them get home sooner.


Typically, a friend, relative, attorney, or the defendant himself will contact a bail bond company by phone. Our 24/7 availability makes this possible during any hour of the day or night.

When the arrest first takes place, the defendant will go through a booking process at their arresting facility. At this booking process, the bail is set. This is the value of the bond you will need to secure when you reach out to the experienced agents at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando.

Once you, your friend, or your family member is arrested and booked, they will be able to contact the bail bonds agency. During this first phone call, we will ask you a series of questions about the circumstances surrounding the arrest. We will ask where the defendant is, how long they have been there, what occurred to cause the arrest, what the charges are, and more questions to help us better understand the situation and your bail bond needs. This is how bail companies assess the risk involved in issuing your bond.

Once our agency and our clients agree to do the bond, we will require documentation and signed paperwork before finalizing the bond.

Once the paperwork is agreed upon and finalized, the agent working with you will post bail at the arresting facility. This will then result in the release of you, your friend, or your family member. When the defendant is released, he will have to attend all court appearances required for his case and also continue to uphold his behaviors as agreed upon by his case.

When your friend or family member needs your help to release them from jail, you want to work with the best bail bonds agency in Orlando. Contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds today to get started with our reliable, convenient, and stress-free bonds agents.

Trust Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando when you are in need of the best bonding services.