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Bail bonds: FAQs

Bail bonds: FAQs

Bail bonds: FAQs

For most people, except career criminals of course, the process of posting bail and employing the services of a bail bonds agency in Orlando is an all top new and frightening experience. Here are some of the inquiries most people ruminate over.

How much would this cost me?

Most agencies charge an average of ten percent of the bail as for the risk of standing as the guarantor for the bail while the accused is set free. This is the usual fee in most states except Oregon and a few others.

Do I have to pay immediately?

Most agencies usually post the bail bond in Orlando up front after a suitable collateral has been signed over to them and hence the process of getting an accused out of jail on bail might initially come at no cash cost to the individual. Some bail bonds agencies on Orlando also offer the option of installmental payments.

What happened if the accused is convicted of the crime?

The outcome of the judicial process does not mean the bail would be forfeited. The bail is returned once a verdict has been reached and is only forfeited if the bail conditions were broken, for example, if the accused refused to show up in court at the set dates. The bail bond in Orlando is then lost to the state.

How soon can the bail bonds agency get the accused out of jail?

This varies from jail to jail, on the crime committed and on the necessary paperwork that needs to be filed, however, the accused can usually be released on bail in 24hrs once all the necessary documents are in place.

What information would the bail bonds agency need?

To make the process of posting bail easy you should go to the bail bonds agency with the following information; the full name of the accused, the jail they are held in, the crime they are accused of, the amount of the bail has been set at, the booking number of the accused. These are just some of the minimum requirements and each agency would have some more peculiar information they might need.

How do I prevent forfeiting the bail?

Once the bail has been set by the judge at the bail hearing, the terms and conditions the defendant must abide by are usually stipulated. Some of the general rules include the fact that the defendant must attend all scheduled court appointments, they must not leave the country or state or county as the case might be, they are usually required to show up to their bail officer at different times in the week, they must also not use their freedom to tamper with evidence pertaining to the case or contact other people related to the case. A good lawyer would usually clarify all these terms with you.

These are just a few of the common questions people need answer too and when you get to the bonds agency they would fill you in on other things that might be required.