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Bail bonds: An introduction

Bail bonds: An introduction

Bail bonds: An introduction

The loss of a loved one can be a very challenging experience, however, losing them because they were arrested has a bit of silver lining to it. After the first stages of denial and anger comes the moment of bargaining. It's now you'd do anything to get your loved ones out of jail and into your hands to probably kick them in the behind for whatever they did to get attested.  You can never tell when a loved one would get arrested and hence nobody keeps a get-out-of-jail fund, and for most people these moments usually comes out of the blue. No matter how unprepared you are though, the only thing usually in the minds of people which their loved ones locked up in jail is how to post bail and get them out.

The first thing you need to know is what the bail is. A bail the amount set by the courts which is to serve as a guarantee that upon release of an individual charged of a crime they would not abscond and would attend all their court hearings. It is a refundable sum if all the bail conditions are met and bail is returned at the end of the judicial process irrespective of the outcome.

Cash or its equivalent like properties can be used as surety. The amount that is set as bail varies from a single dollar to impossible sums of money like millions of dollars. The judge considers factors like the severity of the crime an individual is accused of, the financial standing of the individual, flight risk and other intricacies of the case when agreeing a bail bond in Orlando.
The sweet spot therefore lies in bail being set at an amount the accused may have access to but a sum just enough to prevent the accused from fleeing given a said crime. 

For those that cannot come up with the required sum set as bail but have other sources of collateral then enters the place of the bail bonds service. A bail bond service is provided by said agencies who offer their services to those wishing to post bail for their loved ones but need the agency to facilitate the process using whatever collateral the individual can provide to the bonds agency while the bonds man provides the bail bonds to the court to secure the release of the accused. They take the risk of standing as the guarantor for the bail while the individual finds a way to pay back the agency for the bail.

These agencies offer this service usually for the price of usually 10% of the bail set and take collaterals as varied as cars, jewelery and other valuables. In the event of the accused fleeing the terms of the bail, the bail bond agency stands to lose the bail paid to the courts and the agencies usually have bounty hunters to try and locate the accused.

In all, the bail bonds agencies in Orlando offer the service of providing a way by which people can get their loved ones out of jail which whatever collateral they have and in the fastest time possible for those who otherwise would not have been able to afford the bail money.