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Common Reasons Why People Need to Post Bail During Summer

Common Reasons Why People Need to Post Bail During Summer

Common Reasons Why People Need to Post Bail During Summer

Summertime is the most active time of the year when everything seems to be all sunny and colorful. Flowers will be in full bloom and parties will be in full swing. Because the schools are also out and students are on vacations, there is a lot of different activities going on. Usually, a lot of summer activities sometimes degenerate into situations that could require the police getting involved.

People end up getting accused of crimes and that long difficult road begins where the accused is trying to avoid going to jail and ultimately trial and even jail time. Whatever you do this summer, you need to hear in mind that you must be careful and abide on the right side of the law. It is no coincidence that summer time sees an upsurge in the amount of bail bonds in Orlando with many people trying to stay out of jail after they have been arrested.

To avoid getting arrested this summer, we will put together a list of the things that have been known to cause the most number of arrests in the summer months.

Arrests at public gatherings

The summer time is always hot and it makes people sometimes very rash in decision-making and impulsive. Also, there are a lot of summer time events that brings together different people. Now when you add alcohol and emotions to the mix, things happen and situations just get out of control. Most times, it leads to a fight. This is very common in large events such as concerts and parties, typically places where alcohol is also sold in large quantities. Such crowds are quite volatile and a simple tap or wrong word could escalate to a full-fledged fight in the twinkling of an eye. The mixture of alcohol, emotions, adrenaline, sometimes in a tight space can cause even the meekest people to do things that can lead them to being sent to jail.

When this happens, you need to call someone immediately so that you can begin the process of securing a bail bond in Orlando so that you don’t spend the night in jail. If you are unlucky and it is a weekend, you will probably stay till Monday.

Disturbing the public peace does not always have to be a physical fight. Most of the bail bonds in Orlando don’t have anything to do with fighting. It could be using foul and offensive language in a public place, shouting in a place where it could cause violence, allowing a dog to bark uncontrollably disturbing the neighbors and playing loud music at night.

Disturbing the peace can lead you to jail even as a first offender sometimes. This is dependent on the jurisdiction but bail bonds in Orlando for disturbing the peace are quite easy to process because it is typically a misdemeanor.

If you are a victim of harassment in a public place or a neighbor is causing a nuisance, you should leave the environment immediately because when the police comes, you might be arrested as part of the group.

Drunk Driving

Drinking and driving is common during the summer months because a lot of people cool the heat of the summer. However, instead of cooling off after drinking some beers some still get into their cars and risk driving. The police departments are on the watch for people who are intoxicated in the summer months and so there are more patrols on the lookout for random checks. You are more likely to get fined for a DWI or a DUI in the summer months if you are caught driving with alcohol in your system.

Even worse than DUIs is the spate of drunk driving incidents that could lead to serious damage and loss of life. Many people go on road trips with their families and friends and once they are drinking, they either drive unsafely or are distracted which could cause serious accidents or loss of life.

If you are arrested for a DUI offence, you will most likely remain in jail till you can be arraigned. The judge will advise you of the charges filed and set a bail amount. This amount varies according to the severity of the charges and the state in which you are arrested in. Bail bonds in Orlando for DUI effects are typically done based on personal recognizance for well-known people or if you do not have family that can help you process the bail for you. When you use a reputable bail bondsman in Orlando to process your bail bond, they will advise you of your court dates and conditions that can lead to your re-arrest.

Depending on your prior criminal offences, the bond for a DUI can be as high as $50,000 especially if a felony. One of the most common conditions that you need to meet as a DUI offender is the loss of your driver’s license as well as committing to several drug and alcohol screenings.

Breaking and Entering, Trespassing and Robbery

A lot of people also travel during the summer and their homes can be targeted by criminals for breaking and entering and sometimes by college kids looking for a thrill. Most of these activities lead to vandalism and if an alarm is tripped during the process of the trespassing, it could cause the police to get involved. Trespassing and illegal entry is one of the most common reasons why people get arrested during the summer.


The summer is a time to have fun and a great time. In doing so, you must also keep to the laws of the land and stop yourself from excessive spending or partying which could lead to bad decisions and ultimately, a date with a jail cell.

If you do get arrested in the summer, you should contact dependable bail bondsmen in Orlando to assist with your legal problem and get you out in the sun before too long. Depending on your criminal record and the severity of your offence, processing bail bonds in Orlando are typically quite fast when handled by experienced bondsmen.

In the meantime, enjoy the summer and do your best to stay out of trouble.