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Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Bail Bonds in Orlando

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Bail Bonds in Orlando

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Bail Bonds in Orlando


Nobody likes to stay in jail after an arrest. Usually, you should be out of the jail as soon as you are able to engage the services of bail bondsman and get the procedure for getting your bail bonds in Orlando processed to leave and be home while you are still waiting for sentencing. With an experienced law attorney depending on your charge and a good bail bondsman in Orlando, should be able to secure your bail bond and let you be free until you have to be in court. This is possible when if you have the bail set and your bail bonds have been paid for your freedom. The bail amount differs according to the person, their criminal history, the crime in question and other factors as determined by the judge and the prosecution.

Your bail bonds company in Orlando will pay the bail and then allow the release of the accused person, with the guarantee that they will attend all court sessions until the case is resolved either via sentencing or acquittal. When you are asked to post bonds, there are two common types of bonds. These are secured and unsecured bonds. Both will allow the released of the party but they are different.

Using Secured Bail Bonds in Orlando

Secured bonds are paid by using some property that has similar worth as the bail amount that is due for the release of the accused. Having property involved in the bail process makes it more likely that they will come for their court appointments. When choosing a secured bond, it is critical to bear in mind that you are signing off rights to your property to the court. If the person that was incarcerated does not appear for their day in court as required, the property that is used to secure the bail bonds in Orlando will be forfeited to the court permanently. This is why you must pay attention to the value and the importance of whatever property that you are using as surety in the court because in the event of a complication, you could lose it. If you are processing bail bonds in Orlando for someone else with a secured bond, you must be certain that they will not abscond or miss court appearances for any reason. If they do that, you will lose valuable property.

A secured bail bond is more or less a loan that is used to get someone out of jail with the bail bondsman requiring a collateral in form of real estate or property of value. Because the bail bondsman would be holding the title to your house or car, you cannot skip town.

Why People use Secured Bonds

A secured bond has the advantage that the defendant isn’t obliged to come up with all the cash to pay for the bail bond. Most people that use secured bail bonds in Orlando just pay a small percentage of the stipulated bail bond assigned by the court to the bail bondsman. This payment can even be refunded.

Using a secured bond also reduces the amount of cash at risk for things like imposed fines, court fees, outstanding taxes or other fees from the court.

Using Unsecured Bail Bonds in Orlando

Unsecured bonds are almost the same thing as secured bonds but the key difference is that there is no property required in the processing of the bail bond. It takes the form of a promissory note to be responsible for the bail payment if the accused does not turn up for the court case.

Unsecured bail bonds in Orlando are usually done based on trust and are popularly called signature bonds because they are very risky from the stand point of the bail bondsman. You are unlikely to be able to get an unsecured bond from most bail bondsmen in Orlando if you are being help for a serious crime like murder or rape or assault.

Our company will however ensure that we offer you the best option whenever you need bail bonds in Orlando, no matter your financial situation. Typically, you would have to pay a part of the bail bond to the bail bondsman after the case is over, usually not a lot, with deductions of just court fees and any other charges incurred.

One of the biggest advantages of using unsecured bail bonds in Orlando is the ease. It is very simple to understand and takes little time to process. The defendant finds the funds required for the bail bond and makes payment and will immediately by released pending the next court case he has to face.

One big disadvantage of using unsecured bond is that there sometimes is a need to have a huge amount of cash in short notice so it can be a bit difficult to meet the bail conditions. This will leave the accused in jail for some time till when there is a trial. If you are unable to get the cash for the bond, you might have to liquidate assets in order to meet the bail conditions. Also in some parts of the country, once a defendant has made an unsecured bond, there are chances that the court can rule that due financial penalties be taken from the bail bond amount such as unpaid child support, contempt fees, back taxes and other court appointed fees or charges.


Complete a bail bond in Orlando is generally easier when you work with an experienced bail bonds service. You are also likely to pay less in fees compared to other service providers. Mike Snapp Bail Bonds are your first port of call in Orlando. We will try our utmost best to make help process of bail bonding as easy as possible. For providing a bail bond in Orlando, contact us today and we will tell you about our payment plans that can ensure the utmost convenience for you and your family. We will help you get your loved out taken out of jail fast.