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Different Types of Bail Bonds in Orlando and How to Get Them

Different Types of Bail Bonds in Orlando and How to Get Them

Different Types of Bail Bonds in Orlando and How to Get Them

If you find yourself arrested, getting your freedom back until your appointed court date is never a straightforward arrangement even when everything goes without a hitch. There are many different types of bail bonds in Orlando that are available to you. Knowing what to process for you goes a long way in making sure that you leave jail as soon as possible.

Citation release

This is the best type of bail bond in Orlando to get because in this case, you are not exactly put into custody. When a citation release is processed, it is typically done by the officer in charge of the arrest. Instead of taking the suspect to the office for booking, he processes a citation which is given to you as an order to go before a county judge on a specific date. Citation releases are mostly done for trivial infractions like traffic offences.

Getting a citation release does not require any special processing and is the prerogative of the arresting officer to give one to you. If the arresting officer feels like there is no need to book you, then you can be let off with a citation release. Otherwise, once you get taken into jail, a different type of bail bond will be needed.

Don’t forget that a citation release is also legally binding and if you do not show up for your court appointment, you could be hit with a “failure to appear” charge which will significantly worsen your situation.

Release based on recognizance

Recognizance release is the next simplest type of bail bond in Orlando to process for your release from police custody. You don’t need to pay any money, just a commitment that you will show up before a judge on the set date. Once you have completed the necessary documentation, you will be immediately allowed to go home. As with a citation release, if you do not show up in court for your appointment, you will be charged a fine and sometimes a “failure to appear” charge tacked on to your legal woes.

A release based on recognizance can be granted based on the prerogative of the officers who arrested you. Sometimes, you may need to argue for a release on recognizance in court. If you win the argument for recognizance release, you would not have to pay bail and therefor spend less on legal fees at the end of the day

Cash bail

When you pay your bail in cash, it’s called a cash bail. All bail bonds in Orlando can be paid in case as long as the funds are available when needed. While a lot of corrections department offices collect only cash, other will process your bail bond with a cashier’s check or credit card for payment. Ensure to find out the method of payment before going to the place to process a bail bond. In some cases where the crime is severe but the offender cannot be kept in custody, the judge may insist that the bail be paid in cash. This typically happens when the judge has reservations about the suspect being a flight risk. In such instances, the judge could set the bail extremely high and insist it should be paid in cash to make it almost impossible to pay.

Surety Bail Bonds

This is one of the most popular types of bail bonds in Orlando and is what is needed when you have to leave police custody but do not have the money to pay. What you need is to get a bail bondsman in Orlando to help you with the process. The bail bondsman can work around getting you a surety bail that can be secured with a payment of 10% of the prescribed bail amount. This payment along with a commitment to attend your court hearing will secure your release.

Once you or a loved one provides the 10% to the bondsmen, they will process your bond and post the necessary bail that will allow you to go home. Sometimes, if you do not have the funds to secure the bail, most bail bondsmen in Orlando can help you work out a flexible payment plan.

Property Bond

In some states, you are allowed to use property bonds to secure your bail from jail. If you want to use a property for collateral for your bail bond, all the rights of the property will be submitted. In practice, you can use any type of property for collateral like a house or car. Processing a property bond can be time consuming because the property you are presenting as collateral needs to be evaluated for the correct value by an accredited appraiser.

A surety bond can be processed within one hour while a property bond after appraisal for value still needs to be subjected to a court hearing to confirm that the evaluated value of the property is correct and the legalities of how it meets the bail condition confirmed before the property bail bond can be processed. These are part of the reasons why it could take several weeks for a property bail bond in Orlando to be processed. It is usually a last resort when the amount of bail is extremely high or the conditions very stringent.


There are many ways to process a bail bond in Orlando and it takes some experience to know which one is correct to process whenever needed. You are better off contacting a bail bondsman in Orlando to help recommend which bail bond is correct for you or your loved ones and they can also help you process the bail bond as quickly as possible. Another advantage is that bail bondsmen in Orlando have a good relationship with most correctional departments and can help make arrangements that will let you and your loved ones be out of jail in as little time as possible.

If you are having trouble identifying which bail bond is right for you or your loved ones, contact a bail bondsman in Orlando today for clarification.