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4 Reasons a Judge May Feel you Won’t Show up in Court

4 Reasons a Judge May Feel you Won’t Show up in Court

4 Reasons a Judge May Feel you Won’t Show up in Court

If you’ve been arrested and are currently in jail, you will want to change this situation fast. The key to being able to do so will depend on the amount of bail that is set by the judge. Of course, this amount will significantly vary, and there are many factors that will determine precisely what this figure will be. The good news is once bail has been put into place, you should contact bail bondsmen in Orlando to help you get released from jail. However, this can be more challenging for some individuals than others. Your bail could be set extremely high if the judge has any indication that you may not appear in court. Of course, there are certain situations that may make this more likely to occur and to know what these can be ideal.

Reason #1: Credible source

The judge may have spoken to a person that knows you well and may not speak too highly of you. It’s possible this source could tell the judge that you’ve been known not to show up in court in the past.

This is sure to decrease the chances of a lower bail bonds amount and could cause your bail bondsmen in Orlando to have to pay more. This may be a challenge but will be necessary for you to be released from jail, so you will want to be prepared for this.

Reason #2: Not a United States citizen

If you’re not a resident and citizen of the United States, this could impact the amount of bail that will be set for you. The judge may think that you will flee back to your homeland and this could increase the bail bonds amount that is set because of this.

Of course, you will want to ensure the judge that this isn’t something you intend to do at all. It may be helpful to enlist the aid of your bail bondsmen in Orlando to assist you in convincing the court of this. Be prepared to show your past criminal record and if you have ever been required to appear in court in the past.

Reason #3: Mental history

One of the things the judge will look carefully into is your mental well-being. If you have a history of mental illness, this could cause the judge to increase the bail. However, keep in mind that this is one thing that will need to be extensively proven by your doctor and medical records should be released.

When you hire a bail bondsmen in Orlando, you may be advised not to authorize any release of your current records. This could be helpful in keeping the bail bonds amount from being set too high.

Reason #4: Severe criminal activity

Any judge will review your case closely and look at the precise cause for your arrest. The more serious the crime may have been the more you can typically expect the amount of your bail to be.

For instance, if you were arrested for robbing a bank versus breaking out a car window, you’re bail bondsmen in Orlando is sure to inform you that the bail will be much higher for the first offense. This is something you will want to think about when working to consider how much your bail may be.

Taking the time to get out of a bad situation is sure to demand the right attitude and effort on your part. Your best source for doing so in a situation of this magnitude will rest in hiring bail bondsmen in Orlando to assist you today.