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How Immigration bail bond works

How Immigration bail bond works

How Immigration bail bond works


If you have a friend or a family member that was arrested and detained by US officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE), you will need to make use of immigration bail bonds in Orlando to get him or her out of custody until he or she is due to appear in court. Failure to acquire immigration bail bonds in Orlando for an immigrant means he or she will likely continue in custody till his or her scheduled appearance in court.

Getting a detained immigrant out of jail promptly requires strict adherence to some legal protocols and procedures. In this article, we will expose you to some concrete steps and the types of bail bonds in Orlando you can take, how much they cost and how to acquire an immigration bail bond.

Types of Immigration bail bonds in Orlando

There are two principal types of immigration bail bonds available for illegal aliens who are in custody, and these are “Delivery bonds and Voluntary departure bonds.” These two bonds are meant to be obtained only for illegal aliens the ICE considers as a threat to public safety or national security. Also, for a detained illegal alien to have access to bail bonds in Orlando, he or she must not be designated by the ICE to be a “flight risk.”

Below are the two main types of immigration bail bonds in details.

Delivery bond

A delivery bond is the type of bond an ICE agent or immigration judge may issue to a detained illegal alien. Normally, this bond is accessible to a detained illegal immigrant having a standing order to appear in court within a short time. An Orlando bail bond gives the detained illegal immigrant time to spare and spend with his/her family and friends, as well as to consult and employ the services of a lawyer. If a loved one or a friend chooses to fund a delivery bond by using an immigration bail bondsman, such a friend or loved one will be held liable for ensuring that the illegal alien is present in all and at any court appearances after being released from an ICE detention center in Orlando or Florida.

Voluntary debenture bond

Under this type of bond, there are some cases in which the ICE may offer a voluntary debenture bond to an illegal immigrant so that he or she can have the opportunity to leave the US in a date that would be specified and for payment of a specific amount of money. Once the ICE has received full payment for the voluntary debenture bond and the illegal alien has left the country as agreed, the bond is refunded to the family. If for any reason the illegal alien fails to leave the country, the voluntary debenture bond will be forfeited to the ICE.

How much does immigration bail bonds in Orlando cost?

The immigration judges and ICE set immigration bail bonds amounts according to the criminal, employment and family history of the illegal immigrant in the United States. If it is determined that the flight risk of the illegal alien is high, the amount chargeable for the bond will increase, and decrease if the flight risk is low. Generally, the amount of an immigration bond is $1, 500, but this can go even further depending on the risk assessment of the illegal immigrant concerned. As for departure bond, the minimum amount payable is $500. However, it is necessary to note that it sometimes takes up to a year or two for the government to return the bond money to whoever posted it.

How to get or post an immigration bond

There are two major ways to pay for an immigration bond. These are:

  1. Surety bond

    The friends or family members of the detainee can work with an immigration bond agent in Orlando to get a surety bond. The bond agent will typically charge about 15 -20% of the entire bond amount, and the collateral or money furnish is non-refundable.

  2. Cash bond

    Under this process, the friends and family members of the detainee can pay the full amount of the bond directly to the ICE, which will be refunded once the illegal alien has been able to appear regularly in all immigration court cases where he or she is listed to appear. Payment for the cash bond can be by cash, cashier’s check, money order, or US bonds or notes.

Why post an immigration bail bond?

It is essential to post an immigration bail bonds in Orlando so that the arrested and detained illegal alien can have the time to reunite with his or her family and to consult an immigration attorney to help him or her with his or her case before the court hearing. It is also ideal to help formulate a factual list of the case—whether or not the illegal detainee had previously been deported, committed any serious crime, and such other relevant information that may need to be included.

It is important to note that the law permits only a legal US citizen to post or pay an immigration bond.

Why use immigration bond agency?

When you know it is difficult in affording the total amount payable for an immigration bond, or you choose not to pledge your entire money upfront, you have the chance to hire a bail bondsman. The advantage of using bail bonds in Orlando is that it eases the stress in payment of the entire sum. If for instance a bond is set at an amount of $5000, you can post 10% of the sum with a bail bondsman instead of paying the entire cash of $5000. A bail bond agency in Orlando will help you to pay the bond amount to the jail and secure the release of the detainee.


The arrest and detention of your illegal alien friend or loved one isn’t the end of the road for him or her. There are ways to get him out of this difficult situation, and for the type of agency that we are, we offer a wide range of experience of the jail and court systems. It’s no longer news that most county jails now offer online inmate search information, and we have large networks of jail across the US to search for current inmate information. So, call us today and let’s run a county inmate search for you and get the best bail bonds in Orlando.