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Technology and Bail Bonds in Orlando

Technology and Bail Bonds in Orlando

Technology and Bail Bonds in Orlando

Every day, the impact of technology in all facets of our lives continue to become even more widespread. Technology has continued to ease up our way of life and continue to help us perform work more efficiently. As simple as mobile phones are, they have now evolved into powerful smartphones that do so much from letting us know how many calories that you’ve burned on your last exercise walk to the location of the most cost-effective gas station.

Most people even don’t bother to take cameras to their holiday vacations any longer, preferring to use their mobile phones. Mobile phones are now even more powerful than some regular cameras now and are easier to operate, simply point and shoot.

The bail bonds industry has not been left out of the technological revolution and there have now been several ways that the process of bail bonds in Orlando has been made better than a decade ago.

Determination of bail decisions

A few decades back before the advent to computer records and the likes, a judge would manually take into account the criminal reputation and arrest history of a defendant and then spend some time to interview them in order to ascertain the possibility of the person being a flight risk if bail is granted. In many counties, judges sometimes had a worksheet that helped them to match the amount require for bail with the crime.

Nowadays, most courts have left this process to advanced computer and specialised software that can calculate what the bail should be set at. These software use historical information from years of court cases and bails granted, the type of crime that the defendant has been accused of, the personal information of the defendant such as age, sex, marital status and other factors to determine if the person will most likely skip town if granted bail and also how much the bail should be set at.

Computer calculations determine bail amount without any prejudice that a human judge would be subjected to. There is no skewing of opinions based on biases caused by race or personal experiences. The judges however have a final say but that cannot greatly deviate from the recommendation of the computer system. Using algorithms to determine bail conditions take into account many things that any open-minded judge might struggle with.

Tracking of bail bond recipients

When you get a bail bond in Orlando, they typically help you meet the capital requirements for your bail bonds and most times the bail bondsman in Orlando will get their money back after the entire process is over. If for some reason, you are unable to be present in court for your appearance date, the bail bondsman in Orlando will be unable to get their money back until they locate you and deliver you back to county jail. A lot of bail bonds defendants in Orlando still skip bail and try to leave town or hide from the authorities.

One of the ways that technology has impacted bail bonds in Orlando positively is that GPS tracking technology and other advanced electronic tracking tools can help a bail bondsman keep abreast of the location of the defendant at all times. Ankle bracelets have also become so advanced that they are nearly impossible to hack, remove or even fool. GPS technology has also gotten much more portable and have many options that allow the bail bondsman in Orland to set a geophysical perimeter where a defendant with a GPS ankle tracking bracelet is unable to go past. Once the ankle bracelets have been enables, the bail bondsman gets a message anytime there is an effort to tamper with the ankle bracelet. The bracelets are also made of much more durable materials now such that it is almost impossible to break or tamper with.

Today’s GPS trackers can even tell when the defendant is consuming alcohol or speeding in a vehicle. With things like this now possible, it is safer for bail bondsmen in Orlando to control their defendants and take on more clients regardless of their flight risk. This helps them to grow more in their business and also make bail bonds in Orlando more accessible for anyone that needs it. Technology also makes it easier for bail bondsmen to make more informed decisions about those they give bail to.

Working as a bail bondsman in Orlando

There are more technologies today that make the process of applying for a bail bond in Orlando much easier. Bail bondsmen in Orlando now have software that help them make informed decision about someone and also verify the information within a very short period of time. The bail bondsman can confirm who owns a property being brought forward as collateral and also reduce the paperwork required for applying for a bail bond for a defendant. Technology helps bail bondsmen in Orlando to reduce their running costs and save time. Document signing technology also reduce the use of paper and help bail bondsmen to save money and time on travelling to get documents completed when applying for a bail bond across far counties. Forms needed to secure a defendant’s release from jail can now be emailed or faxed to the required authorities for confirmation which helps to reduce the amount of time that defendants also spend waiting for their bail bonds to be processed.


Bail bondsmen have generally been portrayed as thugs and hunky fellows who take pleasure in chasing bandit trying to leave time. The truth cannot be farther away from this and today, more people are able to see what they really do now. The bail bonds industry in Orlando has been there for a long time and technology is helping to make it more efficient and more streamlined. A bail bondsman in Orlando can now be hired online and payment and other requirements fulfilled via emails and phone calls. Technology has also made the process of bail bonds fairer and the tracking of fugitives easier for everyone.