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Top Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

Top Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

Top Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

Let's debunk some of the myths that haunt the often-misunderstood bail bonds industry. Many people see only negativity towards the bail bond industry, but are these claims about bail bonds valid?

Bail bonds are something you probably learnt about by watching television and movies. For some people, they eventually acquire the knowledge through real life experience. Television and movies do not represent 100% accuracy or explain bail bonds so approaching bail bondsmen in Orlando is nothing frightful.

Here are some of the most popular myths that people have about bail bonds and bail bondsmen and the reality;

MYTH #1: Bond offices are old and dirty, are unattractive, located on the outskirts or in dangerous communities and appear to be in bad business.

REALITY: Bail offices are located everywhere and anywhere in the choicest business districts unlike in the movies. If there are many bail bondsmen in Orlando that have offices that are small, it is because they do not need large offices or buildings. There is nothing dangerous about walking inside an office to get bail for a friend or loved one.

MYTH #2: Bail bondsmen and their representatives basically look like Mafioso or club bouncers.

REALITY: These are intimidating false and meaningless claims, also another product of Hollywood. Bail bondsmen are people like you and me who do their work day by day. They have their own families and friends to look after. Helping people in need is their passion and are one of the friendliest and kind-hearted groups of people. Bail bondsmen in Orlando are very understanding and accessible because they know you only come to them when you are having a difficult situation like a loved one in jail.

It's all about stereotypes. Not all bail bondsmen are big men with sunglasses, thick gold chain jewelry, and long raincoats. Bail bondmen are professional business men and women. Do not be afraid of them, especially if you are relying on them to rescue your loved one out of jail. They are friendly and approachable. Do not be shy.

MYTH #3: Paying a bail is impossible and you will have to sell your house or you will go broke.

REALITY: Bail bonds in Orlando can be established on convenient monthly payments with low returns that are according to the financial situation of the client. All types of payments are accepted, from cash to credit/debit cards to checks and collateral. The bail bonds agency will make sure that you get what you need and usually try to make flexible arrangements where necessary. They work to find a balance between your bond and your other unrelated needs.

A good bail bonds agent will not take advantage of you. Knowing that most people are not versed in the bail industry, good bail bondsmen in Orlando will not use that to their advantage. A good bail agent will sit with you and review the process and expectations so you are fully aware of everything.

MYTH #4: The rescue of a person out of jail is basically giving them a "free trip" and putting someone dangerous back on the streets.

REALITY: Most people who are detained and offered bail were not detained for dangerous or violent crimes. Many people who need bail from jail may simply be traffic offenders, for example. People on bail still should report to the court and may even have additional rules to follow. In addition, people on bail are more likely to obey their terms and conditions of release because they know that if they do not, they face even tougher consequences.

For more serious crimes, most judges will deny bail and keep the offender in custody, especially those who are potential flight risks.

MYTH #5: Bail bondsmen can control the cost of the bail

REALITY: Bail bonds agencies do not have the authority to reduce bail, nor can they talk to a judge about reducing bail. Once the judge sets the bail amount, the defendant’s lawyer can try to argue for a lesser amount which the judge will then accept or decline but in the end, the judge is the one who sets the bail amount without the bail bondsmen in Orlando being involved in in any way.

MYTH #6: Fees paid to a bail bondsman will be refunded after court

REALITY: There is the general misconception that fees paid to the bondsman will be refunded after one has appeared in court. The reality is that the bondsman will keep its 10-20% as agreed with the bail bonds company as a charge for putting up the bail bonds on your behalf. The bonds company will surely get their money or part of the money they put up for bail on your behalf as in cases of bail bonds in Orlando.

MYTH #7: You will not pay additional fee when you have paid the non-refundable fee to the bondsman

REALITY: There is a non-refundable fee you will pay to the bondsman as in the case of bail bonds in Orlando, however, you will have to pay the bail bonds company the full money they pay to the court on your behalf if you fail to show up for court.


While there is a lot to learn about bail bonds, especially if you need one for yourself or a loved one, they are easy to understand. The bail bonds in Orlando requires that you fully adhere to your bail conditions and appear in court on your due day, so as not to forfeit the payment made on bail.

You should ensure that you understand the conditions set by the bonds company, ensuring that you can meet up with them to avoid complicating your bail conditions.

Meeting up with bail conditions are not that difficult as it is the work of the bail bondsman to ensure that you or the person you are representing meet up with the payment conditions and set free to appear in court at a stipulated time.

Bail bonds in Orlando are not as stressful as people believe it is, and most of the misconception about bonds men and attaining bail conditions will decapitate when you meet the kind of people running the business in Orlando.