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Top Tips to Remember If You Find Yourself Under Arrest

Top Tips to Remember If You Find Yourself Under Arrest

Top Tips to Remember If You Find Yourself Under Arrest

Bail bonds in Orlando are processed so that a defendant can be let out of jail while he waits for the set court dates to come. Now in a case where the defendant does something contrary to his bail conditions in the agreement, like failing to appear at a court appointed hearing, then the bail can be revoked.

Once a bail has been revoked, the defendant has lost all rights to be free while he waits for trial. The court can then be within its rights to issue an arrest warrant for the defendant’s failure to appear (FTA) which is a prosecutable offence in most states in America. If a defendant does not show up for the crime he was initially arrested for and an arrest warrant is then issued for the ensuing failure to appear, he would now be subject to two crimes now instead of one; the original and then the FTA charge. The arrest warrant issued by the court will then remain in effect till the bail bondsman can apprehend the defendant and present him back to the court for arraignment.

1. You have a right to remain silent

Your Miranda rights will be among the first thing that you will here just like in the movies. You may not understand everything that is said in the rights read to you but here is a summary of things to bear in mind. The most important right you have when you are arrested is the right to be silent. You are not under any obligation to answer any questions that the officer may ask you. You cannot suffer any repercussions for being silent.

All you are required to do is to identify yourself by your legal names by law. Other than that, try your best not to talk to your loved ones about the case. You should only speak to a lawyer as this is the only person whose information is covered by confidentiality. Answer only questions that are required to process your booking and will make it easier for you to get any bail bondsman in Orlando to process your bail for you.

2. You have a right to an attorney

You must pay attention to this also. Do your best to find an attorney as quickly as possible. This is the best way to ensure that you are not compelled to inadvertently implicate yourself by saying what you’re not meant to. Once you have asked for a lawyer, law enforcement officers are not supposed to question you any further.

You are not required to give any reasons or explanations for your actions or any accusations that may be levied against you. If you don’t have the money to get an attorney, the state will provide a free attorney for you. The police cannot also listen to your conversations with the attorney. Your attorney will also be able to make all the arrangements for your bail bonds in Orlando.

3. Never resist arrest

Even when you feel like the arrest is undeserved and could be motivated by unfair reasons, do not try to resist arrest. Fighting with the police or trying to flee or argue may resort to them using force on you. Try to maintain a calm demeanor, speak in even tones if required but you should stay as silent as possible. Ensure that your hands are always in the full view of the officers so that they do not misinterpret any sudden movement. Threatening the officers with a complaint or legal action is ill-advised. Maintain your composure all through the arrest process and ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as you can.

Even when the officers are being jerks, you should stay relaxed and avoid heated confrontations so that things do not get nasty. If the officer arresting you notices that you are annoying and proving difficult, he could decide to make you wait longer than necessary for transport, fingerprinting and book. All these would make processing your bail bond in Orlando slower and more difficult than it should be. Don’t claim to be sick or have a medical condition as the police will be obligated to take you to a hospital and detain you for up to 24 hours for medical attention which will further delay your booking and eventual release.

4. Record everything you can remember as soon as possible

Critical information to your case are often lost within the first 24 hours. You should try as much as possible to remember the names of the law enforcement agents that arrested you, their badge numbers, the squad car numbers and other significant information. If you were hurt during the arrest process, you should make sure you get medical help quickly and take proper pictures and documentation to use for your case. These documents and pictures will form the foundation of your criminal case. Write everything possible and give it to your attorney before you begin to forget.

5. Be mindful of those you may be getting arrested with

If you are arrested in a protest situation, be careful of how your actions will influence those that are with you. In a group where some people are resisting arrest, it could lead to all of you being manhandled. Everybody in the group must be prepared to be taken into custody. You should also not be responsible for getting other people arrested. If you are being arrested as part of a protest group and there is an option for you to disperse peacefully, you should always take that option before ending up in a jail cell. If you end up in a holding cell with strangers and even fellow protesters, you should try to maintain your decorum.

A lot of people would be going through their separate emotions so do not start conversations with those who probably do not want to have a conversation. Don’t be scared to respond to conversation when engaged, however do you discuss your case in the jail house. Make as many new friends as possible because those you know in a holding cell will most likely be responsible for your protection and information. There is a lot of information that is shared and you are better off on the side that knows what’s likely to happen.


Jail always sucks so you are better off avoiding it at all cost. However, if you find yourself being arrested, you will be needing the services of a reputable bail bondsman in Orlando so that you can regain your freedom.