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All you have to know about DUI Bail Bond

All you have to know about DUI Bail Bond

All you have to know about DUI Bail Bond

Almost a third of drivers who are arrested for drunk driving has been arrested before, and for people like this, the cost of bailing them out of jail is never set low. They will always need help with getting bail bonds in Orlando and without a proper understanding of how to post a DUI bail bond, mistakes are bound to happen. They have to know which bail bonds company in Orlando to choose and which affordable bail bonds plan they should choose.

If you ever get arrested for driving under the influence, here are things that you have to know about DUI bail bond and getting bail bonds in Orlando.

1. Find out what it costs.

Bail amounts for DUI vary from state to state and are determined by different factors. First thing is your criminal history and if you have been arrested before for that offense or any offense. Another factor is the bonding schedule used in the location where you got arrested. If there was a crime before or during the arrest, the bail price might skyrocket. A DUI bail bond could range from $500 to $10,000, and if it is a felony DUI, the bail cost could be up to $50,000.

If you have a record in the system, the cost of getting you out of jail could go higher than what you can pay by yourself, and you will need to get a DUI bail bond in Orlando, so you do not get locked up for too long.

2. Seek for bail bonds in Orlando.

While in jail, you will receive a list of bail bondsmen in Orlando who can help you sort out your bail. Before you make a choice, however, get your relatives to do some research for you as well as reach out to people who have been in similar situation before. If you do not have any bail bondsman in mind, it will do you a lot of good to have someone refer a reputable one to you. You can also try out Mike Snapp Bail Bonds to be safe.

You need to be careful of unscrupulous elements who parade themselves as bail bondsmen. They may take your money and not give you update about your court attendance or leave you hanging, thereby making you stay longer in jail than you should.

3. You can post your bail from jail.

As much as getting bail bondsmen in Orlando to post your bail for you makes the whole process easier, it is also possible for you to post your bail by yourself even though it's a bit challenging. First get in touch with a family member or friend to get a bail bond to post for your DUI. If there was money with you when you got arrested, you could put that money into "an inmate trust account" from which you can pay your bond, and if you have your credit card in your seized belongings, you can pay for your bond with your card.

If the money you have will not be enough, you can petition the court through your attorney to get the bail bond reduced. For the right reasons, the court might reduce the cost for you. If these don't work for you, you will need to get a bail bonds agent to help you with bail bonds in Orlando.

4. Know the conditions

Certain conditions might be placed on DUI bonds in your state, and they might be expensive. In some states, for every time you want to start your car, you will be required to prove that you are not drunk. This is usually done with an ignition interlock device, and it will not allow your car to start until you prove you are not drunk. This can cost between $80 and $200 per month. While in some other states, while waiting for your court date, you will have to go for drug and alcohol screening every month. These will not be provided freely; you will have to pay by yourself, and it will set you back a couple of bucks every month.

This also depends on the judge and whatever condition the judge sets for you must be complied with to avoid any further troubles. A court official might be appointed to check in regularly with you to make sure that you adhere to the direction.

5. Check the terms of your bond.

Jail is not fun, and nobody wants to stay there for too long. There may be a bit of pressure on you to get your bond posted as soon as possible so you can continue your life but you have to be careful when dealing with providers of bail bonds in Orlando. Before your bail bond is posted, you will have to agree to certain monthly payments, and you need to make sure those payments are in line with standard requirements and they fall within the affordable range for you.

If your bail bonds in Orlando payment is too high that you cannot afford to pay for the conditions set by the court, then there will be a problem. What sense does it make for you to be paying to stay out of jail while you are breaking another set of rules set by the same court that can send you back to jail? This must be avoided to avoid your bond being revoked.

As mentioned earlier, getting a DUI bail bond can be quite complicated, but with the right people around you helping you make the right decisions, it does not have to be that complicated. You only have to ask questions and do a bit of research. For your bail bonds in Orlando, Mike Snapp Bail Bonds is here to serve you. You can call 407 246 0919 to get started.