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All you have to know About Turning Yourself In

All you have to know About Turning Yourself In

All you have to know About Turning Yourself In

A warrant may have been put out for your arrest, and you are not aware or that you missed a court hearing because you were not aware of the hearing or something held you down. Whatever the case may be, after receiving the warrant of arrest and you intend to turn yourself in, you should make sure there are two things in place. You should get yourself a criminal defense attorney and bail bondsmen in Orlando that will help you post your bail if the case goes to hearing.

Get a Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting a legal representation once you find yourself in legal troubles is the first step. There are a lot of reputable lawyers who will put in their best to represent you and get you off the hook. A good attorney in Orlando will give you the best advice, let you know your rights and walk you through the whole process and make sure that your rights are protected while in detention. Also, a defense attorney will prepare you fully for your hearing in court.

So, what are the things you need to know?

Before you turn yourself in, you need to know the details about the warrant put out for your arrest, the reason why you want to turn yourself in. This is important so that you can keep things organized and have the case resolved appropriately. Before turning yourself in you need to know the following;

  • What is it that you are being charged for?
  • How much will you pay for the bail bond?
  • What is the maximum penalty for the offense under Orlando law?
  • Will these charges affect the status of your probation if you were under probation before? If yes, how?

In addition to knowing these things, you should have a relative or friend who is employed to help you find bail bondsmen in Orlando. Most bail bondsmen in Orlando require paying upfront and a cosigner who is financially strong. During the process of booking you, the time you will end up spending will be determined by how serious the charges leveled against you are and the number of arrests that have been made at the time. It is also determined by if you can post a bail bond and if there are no existing bond holds at the time. All the answers to any questions you may have will be easily answered if you have a criminal defense lawyer on the ground before turning yourself in.

Once you have gotten the full picture of the situation you are in and you have turned yourself in, the next thing for you or any of your relatives to do is to go in search of professional, licensed and reputable bail bonds men in Orlando to get you out of jail.

Posting Bail after turning yourself in

After knowing all the details about your arrest and you turn yourself in, the next thing is to post bail so you can be released, go back home and stay in town while waiting for your scheduled court hearing date. You should confirm from the judge and your lawyers what the bail conditions are so that you do not contravene them and try to use ignorance as your defense. Knowing what your restrictions are also help to make sure that you are not being chased by bail bondsmen in Orlando as a fugitive or flight risk.

Having your lawyer reduce the bail

If the courts set your bail at a high price, your criminal defense lawyer can help you have it reduced to an amount you can afford by setting up a bond reduction hearing. In some instances, you may be released without any need for a secured bond. If you however already have a pre-set bond in Orlando, it will be highly impossible to have the bail bond reduced. Even if you have a very brilliant attorney, the chances are just slim.

Posting bail by yourself

It is possible for you to post bail by yourself but most people do not use this option. This is because posting bail is expensive and not many people have that kind of money lying around idle. Even if you have the money, there is the possibility that you have other things to use the money for other than posting bail.

Waiting it out

Rather than ask someone to go out in search of bail bondsmen in Orlando for you, you can simply wait by staying in jail till your scheduled court date. The court date may not be anytime soon, and this would mean absence from work which could cause a reduction in your paycheck or total loss of the job. Choosing to stay in jail for those few days could cost you your ability to support yourself and relatives should your charges get dropped. If you had plans to wait it out by staying in jail due to lack of funds, Mike Snapp Bail Bonds could post bail for you on credit while you arrange a payment plan.

Whatever the situation you are in, at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds, we will make sure you or your friend or relative get out of jail within a short period. We understand that anybody can be in a financial crunch at any time and nobody ever prepares to be arrested. This is why we offer a flexible and convenient payment plan that will be convenient for you to pay. You can contact a consultant at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds at any time of the day to get answers to any questions you might have. Call us at 407 246-0919.