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Bail Bonds in The Face Of Domestic Violence Charge

Bail Bonds in The Face Of Domestic Violence Charge

Bail Bonds in The Face Of Domestic Violence Charge

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs when an individual intentionally causes or attempt to cause bodily harm to someone in the household or a family member. It includes physical violence or the threat of violence against a spouse, a child, father, mother, brother, sister, friend or any other person residing in the same household.

The courts do not joke with issues of domestic violence. So, if you or your loved one has been accused and arrested for domestic violence, and you need to get out of jail, call Mike Snapp, the best bail bondsmen in Orlando for help right away.

Is it only when a man hit a woman that it becomes domestic violence?

Not true! Domestic violence is aggressive behavior directed against a spouse (which could be a man or woman,) a formal spouse or relative, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or anyone who is unrelated but residing in the same house.

How hard or straightforward can one prove domestic violence in court?

Cases of domestic violence usually occur in the home, and most times, there is hardly a witness who can be called upon. This makes it extremely difficult to prove in court. Nevertheless, strict penalties have been put in place by lawmakers in a bid to dissuade anyone from towing that line. So, if you are caught, strict disciplinary measures and conviction await you. And don’t forget that a mere accusation of domestic accusation can get you arrested first before securing the services of bail bondsmen in Orlando.

What has bail bondsmen in Orlando got to do with domestic violence?

From the moment an allegation of domestic violence is lodged against you at the police station, the authorities will pounce on you and land you in jail. There, you’re stuck because you don’t have the means to pay and secure your bail. But you have an option—call in the bail bondsmen in Orlando, mainly from Mike Snapp bail Bonds Company, who starts a process of securing your bail. After our agents have completed the payment for your bonds, you will be released from jail. Then go back home and prepare for a legal battle against the accusations.

So when is the right time to call Mike Snapp bail bondsmen in Orlando?

It is critical that you contact an experienced and reliable bail bondsmen in Orlando after the bond amount has been set so you can focus on fighting your case conveniently.

What is the bail cost for a domestic violence charge?

There are no specific amounts regarding domestic violence charges. However, a typical bail sum for domestic violence would depend on factors such as the severity of the offense, past criminal records and numbers of previous convictions. Other points of consideration in setting the bail amount would be if the victim was pregnant and the defendant knew about it.

What does a violation of a protection order mean in domestic violence?

A protection order is a restraining order activated immediately the accused is let out of jail by the court after posting a bond. Such an order is meant to implement or enforce some prohibitions or requirements while the case is still pending. For instance, the terms of the bond releasing the defendant might state that he or she should maintain a certain distance from the victim, and should not have any contact with him/her.

A protection order also entails that if the defendant and the victim were living in the home as at when the violation occurs, the defendant would now have to look for another living arrangement, plus the fact that he/she must maintain a distance of 500 feet away from the alleged victim. A no-contact order also covers phone calls, text messaging or e-mailing—things that the defendant cannot do with the victim during the period the order is in force.

Also, where both people involved in the case are spouses with children; the defendant can only visit the children through a third party. At times, a judge may order that the accused person be monitored and supervised by the pre-trial service unit of the Orlando police/sheriff department.

Failure to keep to this protection order will amount to a violation of such order. These others are common in most cases that deal with domestic violence.

What does a temporary protection order connote in domestic violence?

As the name implies, a temporary protection order is also a restraining order but one which only forbid the defendant from having any contact with the victim for a short period. In most cases, a temporary order is lifted immediately the case has been finished. Judges usually adopt this type of protection order as a means of acting cautiously before the final determination of the case.

What are the consequences if I should violate a protection order after a pending case of domestic violence?

As stated earlier, the courts are very sensitive to issues of domestic violence. So, if an accused individual violates a protection order, the court will deem it as “an aggravated offense,” and will immediately revoke the bond releasing the defendant on bail. Not only that, fresh charges of violations of a restraining order and attempt to commit further domestic violence would be levied against the defendant, thereby worsening the entire process. If that happens, it is certain that you find yourself back in jail, and although you would still be entitled to bail, the new amount that would be set by the court would increase, far beyond the previous one.

Although Mike Snapp bail bondsmen in Orlando are always around to help you get out of jail, you must understand that the more violations you commit, the lesser your chances of securing bail in cases relating to domestic violence.

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It would be very long if we are to cover all the information you need to know regarding domestic violence and posting of bail bond to get someone arrested out of jail. We have only touched the basics, but rest assured that the Mike Snapp team and its evergreen bail bondsmen in Orlando can help you get out of jail as quickly as possible. They have been handling such cases since 1978, and yours won’t be the first either the last. Just call Mike Snapp Bail Bonds service today and say goodbye to that lonely jail.