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The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Bail Bond Indemnitor

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Bail Bond Indemnitor

The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Bail Bond Indemnitor


There is a saying that blood is thicker than water, and money cannot buy some friendship or certain relationship broken by the most vigorous storms cause’ they’re built on solid rock. Hence, you see people—relatives, friends, and neighbors, standing in the gap to co-sign the bail bond documents that will help secure the release of an accused from jail. But how many of such good people are aware that there are consequences to their goodwill actions?

Why is there a need for a co-signor/indemnitor?

In the United States, most arrested people have the right to temporal freedom or release called “bail” while waiting for the day they will appear n court. Notwithstanding, such persons are not allowed to go free just like that, even though they qualify for bail bonds in Orlando. They are mandated to pay a refundable fee to court subject to the final determination and conclusion of their cases. This is done to prevent the defendant from absconding from justice and to make sure that he or she would be present in court anytime his/her case is mentioned.

Who is an indemnitor?

When you actively get involved by signing a bail bond contract to release someone from jail, you become the “Indemnitor.” Under such circumstances, you assumed that you are solely liable and responsible to the court and the bail agent regarding the continuous presence of the defendant.

So what are my duties and responsibilities if I co-sign a bail bond?

From the moment you attest your name and signature to the bail bond contract, you have assumed full responsibility and agree unequivocally that the defendant will surely show up in court anytime his or her case is mentioned. In most cases, bail problems that relate to forgotten court dates or illness are resolved amicably and are rare to see them escalating beyond making a simple phone call.

However, if you are thinking about bailing someone out of jail and you have every reason and conviction they may not show up in court or they may run from their current place of domicile, please, stay away and do not get involved. Although you are not criminally liable, you may be facing civil charges, such as negligence conduct and more.

At Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando, we provide you with all the relevant information regarding your rights and duties as an indemnitor. It is extremely important that you understand how the bail bond process works and the dos and don’ts before guaranteeing bail bonds in Orlando.

What role does the bail bonds agent play in co-signing the bail?

It isn’t everyone that can pay the bail amount imposed on them and ease the load; they turn to licensed bail agents for help. In these cases, relatives or friends of the defender or the defender pay 10% of the total amount to the bail bond agent while agreeing to pay the whole sum if the defendant disappears or fails to appear in court.

Subsequently, the bail agent then undertakes to pay the court the entire amount of the bail bond if the defendant fails to show up for trial.

Duties and responsibilities of the indemnitor

  • • Duty to ensure the defender will appear in court

    The most significant duty accepted by anyone acting as an indemnitor is to make sure that the defendant whose name appears on the bond must be present in court as guaranteed by the terms of the contract for all court proceedings involving his case. The company issuing such bail bonds in Orlando also has a part to play under this responsibility. If the defendant named in the bond fails to appear before the court, even for the first time, the second responsibility immediately takes effect.

  • • Duty to track down the defendant

    Since the bonded defendant didn’t appear in court, the bail bond company that issued the bond will promptly take steps to track and unravel the whereabouts of the eluded defendant. Professional companies like Mike Snapps Bail Bonds in Orlando will usually hire the expertise of a third-party who specializes in fugitive recovery. Ina situation where the bail company hires the services of a fugitive recovery, it shall be the responsibility of the Indemnitor to pay the fees charged by the agent.

  • • Responsibility to pay the total cost of bail

    You might experience some situations in which the fugitive recovery isn’t successful in tracking down the runaway defendant. Again, some bail bonding companies may just decide not to hire the services of a fugitive recovery or bounty hunter to begin with. Against these backdrops, the Indemnitor or co-signor who co-signed the bond automatically assumes another duty, which entails paying the court the total sum of the original amount agreed upon for the defendant who is now at large.

    Furthermore, if you used the property as collateral to secure the bond at the initial stage, you will forfeit such property and the company that issue the relationship will use the proceeds from it to settle (pay) the court to discharge their responsibility.

Facts you must consider as an indemnitor

When entering into a contract of agreement with a bail bond company in Orlando, the company always assumes you know defendants adequately enough as such that you could stand as surety for him/her. So once the contract is in place, the company is not under any obligation to change its mind, meaning you just can’t rescind or abandon the agreement. So consider that when planning to get someone out of jail.

Know that, as an indemnitor, you will cease to be held bound by the bail bond contract once the accused has completed all of his/her court appearances. This discharges you from further financial obligations. But if you have previously made a payment agreement regarding the bond fee, you are legally responsible for fulfilling your part of that deal irrespective of how the defendant’s case ends.


It is never wrong in co-signing bail bonds in Orlando on behalf of people, but you have to do it with clarity and full understanding of how the entire process works. We at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds services offers you all the information you need to know and how best to go about them. Give us a call and let’s get your friend, relative or even yourself out of jail by posting the best bail bonds in Orlando.