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How do Bail Bonds Work for Sexual Assault Charges?

How do Bail Bonds Work for Sexual Assault Charges?

How do Bail Bonds Work for Sexual Assault Charges?

You have heard about people being charged with sexual assault, and you never imagined that you would be in that type of situation. But it has become your reality, and you can feel the cold handcuffs clenching your wrists for no other reason than sexual assault. The first thing that pops into your head is how you would get out of the situation. The first thing to do at least is to post bail until your trial. If it is your first time of getting arrested or charged for any offense, the bail process might seem complex for you, but first off, you have to secure the services of bail bondsmen in Orlando. We will be looking at the whole process in this guide.

Sexual Assault Charges

Any form of sexual activity that is carried out on another individual without their consent is considered to be assaultive, and it is a felony crime that carries a heavy sentence in Orlando. If you get arrested for this, you need to make bail by paying a felony sexual assault bond set by the court.

What is bail?

Bail is the money that the courts collect from you to make sure you do not run away before your scheduled hearing. If you show up to your hearing, your money will be returned. It is a form of collateral to make sure you stay.

Setting the bail

Once you are arrested and taken into police custody, you are booked into jail. Your personal information is entered into the system, and all of your personal effects are taken from you. Before you are locked up, you have access to a single phone call. Your hearing will then be scheduled for a couple of days after your arrest, and the judge will set your bail amount.

The Bail Amount

A bail bond in Orlando can be likened to a personal loan, and all you have to do is put down a small part of the total loan amount set, and the bail bondsman will pay the rest of the bail amount. The bail amount is usually set based on some factors such as the risk of you not appearing in court for your hearings. In most cases, courts have standard amounts for specific crimes, but the judge in charge of your case can also use his or her own discretion to arrive at a bail amount. Once the courts set your bail bond amount, the next thing is for you to pay up.

Paying your bail bond money with the help of bail bondsmen in Orlando

For instance, if the court set your bail at $20,000. You may need to pay 15% of the total amount which is $3,000 or some other amount determined by the bail bonds company you choose. The bail bonds company will then make the full payment which is $20,000 to the courts to post the bail. You will have to provide collateral to the bail bonds company too. It is this collateral that the bail bondsmen in Orlando will collect if you fail to show up at any of your hearings and the courts hold on to the bail bond money that was paid.

Bail bond companies and bail bondsmen in Orlando take financial risks by posting bail bonds on behalf of defendants. For this reason, they go the extra mile to make sure that you do not miss any of your court dates. They make sure they get back all of the money they used in posting bail for you as that is the goal of their business. One of the precautions bail bondsmen in Orlando take is that the collateral should be put down by your friend or family member. By doing this, it will be difficult for you to put your relative's or friend's money at risk by missing your hearings. Also, the bail bonds company will call you from time to time or have you report to their office to show that you are very much in town.

Methods of Payment and Appearing in Court

There are different ways of making payment for your bail bonds and courts generally make four payment plans available.

  • Secured bail bond
  • Unsecured Bail bond
  • Signature payment or no cost bail (based on a promise that you will not miss your hearings)
  • Cash

After making your bail bond payment, the only thing that is required of you is to appear on scheduled court dates. Remember the money will be returned. If you should miss your court appearances, the bail money will not be returned, and they will issue a warrant for your arrest. You will also have to pay the full bail amount that was posted on your behalf by the bail bondsmen in Orlando.

Getting a bail bonds company to help

If you are looking for bail bondsmen in Orlando to help with your posting bail bond, Mike Snapp Bail Bonds is the best option you should consider. We are a leading bail bond company in Orlando, and we will walk you through the process of getting bailed out successfully.

We have years of industry experience, and we will explore all the options that you have so you can be freed from jail when you get arrested. Our goal is to make sure our clients do not stay too long in jail cells. Call 407 246 0919 to get started and consult with one of our bail bondsmen in Orlando. We know getting arrested with the possibility of being sentenced is one of the terrifying moments of a person's life. This is why we will provide honest and dependable service to make sure you are let off the hook as soon as you get arrested.