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How Long Can You Stay out of Jail on Bail?

How Long Can You Stay out of Jail on Bail?

How Long Can You Stay out of Jail on Bail?


You don’t like jail and jail don’t want you! But if you or a loved one have broken the law and commit a criminal offense, the law requires that you or your loved one be put in jail. And that’s where Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando comes in; to get you or your loved one out of jail by posting bail bonds in Orlando.

In this article, Mike Snapp bail bonds will address how long you or your loved one can stay out of jail on bail after securing bail bonds in Orlando.

The reality of bail

Typically, when a person is arrested for an alleged crime, the next phase is to get bail bondsmen in Orlando to secure his/her bail. Bail is granted on the condition that the accused will not violate its terms and jump bail. It is either the police or the court that allows bail to an arrested individual, subject to the accused agreeing to show up in court anytime he or she is needed. Therefore, as long as the accused person cooperate and has enough family and friends attesting to his/her credibility that he/she would not jump bail, the bail itself would last as long till the final determination of the case.

However, it must be noted that all bails are not the same, and every bail differs according to the terms specified regarding how long the accused can stay out on bail, or the amount of bail he or she is expected to pay to remain out of jail.

Suspects who are on bail must work to ensure that they maximize the period they are out on bail. This will include visiting local police authorities on a regular basis and making themselves available for all sessions involving their case. If the accused violates any of these conditions, the judge will revoke the bail and order the suspect to be rearrested and taken into custody, thus ending the time out on bail.

The major bail determinants

Usually, the authorities responsible for granting bail are judges. Most people are keen to leave jail as quickly as possible without committing to doing what is necessary. So, judges have put in place a system which enables the courts to determine those that should get a bail hearing and get out of jail quickly and those that shouldn’t.

Most of the courts and the judges operating in them have assigned different amounts for bails depending on the severity and nature of the crime committed. Ina situation where an accused wants to post bail but is unable to meet the amount demanded, he or she is free to ask the court for a reduction of the amount. On the other hand, the judge reviews and assesses the suspect’s eligibility for a lower amount, including who can guarantee such payment and ensure that the accused would always appear in court when the time comes.

Bail terms and time frame

After posting bail bonds in Orlando, bail is usually granted on a pre-determined time after a series of negotiations between the accused representative (lawyer and bail bondsmen) and the court. What the accused will see to be an appropriate amount of bail may not be the same for the court. Another thing that may determine how long the accused can stay out of jail is grand on which the bail is required. If the defendant demands bail on the emergency medical condition or the occurrence of death in his or her immediate family; the bail might be granted speedily and the time frame is usually long under such conditions. However, if the bail is sought on the ground of the accused personal illness and if it’s beyond the medical care provided by the court, then the doctor in charge of the defendant’s illness must provide a timeline on which the treatment would run, including providing the court with regular update.

Impact of defendant’s state of residence

Another major factor that goes a long way in determining how long you or loved one can stay out of jail on bail is the state where you or your loved one resides. Most of the states in the US, including Florida, have a stay-out-of-jail period that ranges from 90 days to 120 days. These range of days varies according to the nature and severity of the crime committed. The previous criminal record of the defendant is also taken into consideration in determining what time to allocate to stay out of jail on bail. However, it is important to note that the more highly placed and respected citizens vouch for you or your loved one, the quicker it becomes for you and your loved one to get out of jail on bail for a more extended period.

Bail duration: a delicate and technical issue

Securing bail as an accused is something that requires utmost professionalism, and one that must be done through technical intelligence and diligence. The process is one that is highly rigid and is probably difficult for the defendant to handle alone. Acquiring bail and favorable time to stay out of jail for a more extended period is a process that varies with the defendant, the lawyers, and the judge. It is one that requires care and precision—knowing what to do and what not to do.

Mike Snapp bail bonds to the rescue

If you are looking to get the best out of bail from jail, Mike Snapp bail bonds in Orlando is the place to call. We work with attorneys, and we know exactly what to do to get you the longest time for you to stay out of jail. Our bail bondsmen are knowledgeable, and they know the right options to explore and the proper papers to make available before taking your bail plea to the court.

Have you been arrested? Is your loved one in custody? Do you need to post bail to get out of jail sooner? You have come to the right place. Call Mike Snapp bail bonds in Orlando today and let’s help in getting your life back on track.