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Official Duties & Restrictions of Unlicensed Employee Working In A Bail Bond Office

Official Duties & Restrictions of Unlicensed Employee Working In A Bail Bond Office

Official Duties & Restrictions of Unlicensed Employee Working In A Bail Bond Office


The capacity and functions of a bail bond company can only be undertaking by licensed, bonded, and insured professionals as prescribed by law. Since bail bonds have to do with the legal right to bail of an accused and arrested person, the law deems it fit that only a qualified professional or company duly registered and certified, can post cash (bail bonds). The process is to initiate the release of the accuse, awaiting the time he or she will appear in court. Such licensed professionals or companies are called “bail bondsmen in Orlando!”

However, some other employees are working under a contract of employment in the office or business premises of bail guarantors in Orlando. Such people like typist, receptionist or clerks, etc., are usually unlicensed, and as such, are not qualified to perform any task, function, or job which demands a bondsman license. See NCGS s 58-71-40(a), etc.

Differentiating normal and official duties

The law does not bar a bail guarantor from hiring the services of personnel to undertake some other functions in the office. These different functions are called “normal duties,” which include but not limited to, clerical and other similar engagements that routinely occurs in the office.

On the other hand, official duties refer to those functions and tasks that reflect the primary goals and objective of the business. For instance, the duties of acceptable collateral, issuing receipts for collateral, filing an affidavit of surety, etc., are termed official duties, and which the bondsman can only perform.

Allowed and restricted duties of unlicensed employee working in a bail bond office

The following are some activities which may be performed by unlicensed employees.

  1. Typing and data entry

    An unlicensed worker in the office of a bail bond company may type letters, reports or write memos for the bail bondsman. Notwithstanding, such documents must be signed (is signature is required) or authorized b the bail bondsman. Otherwise, the unlicensed employee on behalf of the company cannot sign such documents.

    Notwithstanding, the professional bondsman is liable for the completeness and accuracy of all information contained therein the monthly report. This makes it mandatory for the bondsmen in Orlando to critically review and attest his or her signature on the report, confirming the integrity and completeness of the information written therein. The bondsman should also write the name of the unlicensed employee who prepared the document there.

  2. Filing of documents and retrieval of information in documents within the business premises

    As may be authorized by the professional bondsman, unlicensed employee which files prepared documents or receive documents sent to the office during working hours, as well as retrieving information from such documents, is engaged in pure administrative duties.

  3. Quoting and acceptance of bond premiums and issuance of receipts

    It is not the duty of an unlicensed employee to quote premium, negotiate the amount of premium, discuss the conditions and terms of the bond, or negotiate an arrangement for deferred payments. He or she merely gave not right to undertake such functions.

    However, such unlicensed employee may accept instalments payments regarding premium made in line with an outstanding memorandum of agreement within the confines of the business premises and issue receipt for such fees. Notwithstanding, the unlicensed employee cannot receive or issue receipts for initial payments made for the Memorandum of Agreement. All bail bondmen in Orlando are liable for all monies by their employees.

  4. Handling clients’ inquiries/telephone calls

    An unlicensed employee has the right to make and receive telephone calls, text messages, telegram, fax. On behalf of the bail bondsman in Orlando, suffice that he or she is authorized to perform such functions and that such features don’t include any act or omission that requires a bondsman license.

  5. Preparing and completing various documents not requiring bondsman license

    Any unlicensed employee may be permitted by the bondsman to prepare and complete forms and other documents which don’t require a bondsman license. However, all other forms and documents such as accepting collateral and returning of collateral are strictly the principal function of the bail bondsman.

  6. Holding interview and screening the bond

    The bondsman is the only person that has the ultimate decision to write or refuse the bond. The bondsman based on his knowledge and assessment of the accused person as well as the circumstances of the case, must make such decision. The bondsman cannot delegate this duty to the unlicensed employee to interview the accused or such other persons involved in a bid to determine the veracity of granting the bond or otherwise.

  7. Filing of petitions and court motions

    The bail bond companies like Mike Snapp Bail Bondsmen in Orlando may decide to allow an unlicensed employee to deliver appeals and motions for filing to court offices or the post office. But such employee has no power to discuss the petitions or motions with any member of the court or cannot relay any message relating to such requests and motions to any person in the court on behalf of the bail bondsman.

  8. Keeping and maintaining court calendar

    An unlicensed employee may from time to time be permitted by the bondsman to send notifications to defendants regarding upcoming court dates. In that case, the unlicensed employee has the mandate to informed and reminds defendants of important court dates like forfeiture dates. That said, the bondsman is duty-bound never to allow the unlicensed employee to make contact with defendant/clients who missed a court date of appearance. The bail bondsman in Orlando reserve the sole duty to handle clients/defendants who have missed the date of arrival in court.


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