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5 Things you probably didn't know About Legal Checkpoints

5 Things you probably didn't know About Legal Checkpoints

5 Things you probably didn't know About Legal Checkpoints

Nobody enjoys being pulled over at DUI checkpoints, but whether we want to admit it or not, DUI checkpoints exist to keep everyone safe. If you ever get stopped at one, and you end up getting arrested, you may need to get bail bonds, but we need to understand what these checkpoints are about and what you should do if you get stopped.

What is the definition of a DUI Checkpoint?

Driving under Influence (DUI) checkpoint is also known as a sobriety checkpoint. It is a blockade put up by the local law enforcement in a state where drivers are stopped and interviewed to see if they are drunk-driving or driving under the influence. Police officers pick a point where they park their vehicles and flag down any vehicle that drives through that point. The officers then look for any signs of intoxication. If they have sufficient evidence to test a driver, they do a breath test for the driver. DUI checkpoints are often found more during times like weekends and holidays because those are the times that driving incidents usually occur more.

The police cannot set up a checkpoint anywhere and anytime they want. There has to be a plan, and they must follow some procedures for a checkpoint to be legal. For example, they have to get approval first, and they have to make some rules for the checkpoint clear, the checkpoint must last for a specific time and the laid down rules must be followed duly.

Your rights at a DUI Checkpoint in Orlando.

Police cannot search your car at a DUI checkpoint in Orlando except they have sufficient reason to think you are drunk or intoxicated. That is you look and are acting like someone under the influence.

If you get stopped at a checkpoint, you only have to cooperate. You are under no obligation to answer any questions or say anything or even confess to anything that can implicate you. Failure to cooperate however can lead to immediate arrest.

What makes a Checkpoint legal in Orlando?

The police have to announce the day they will carry out the checkpoints, and the Florida Supreme Court has mandated all law enforcement agencies submit a written guideline before putting up DUI checkpoints.

  • The checkpoint must also be random. Police officers cannot use their discretion to pull vehicles up. They will have to follow a pattern, e.g., every fourth vehicle will be stopped.

  • DUI Checkpoints must be marked clearly so that oncoming drivers can see them from afar, especially at night. There have to be warning signs, correct lighting, and marked police vehicles.

  • Officers must identify themselves by wearing their uniforms and having the right identification gear.

  • If you are at a non-DUI checkpoint, you can be investigated for DUI.

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