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Why You Need To Hire An Attorney When Charged With A Crime

Why You Need To Hire An Attorney When Charged With A Crime

Why You Need To Hire An Attorney When Charged With A Crime

One of the main concerns you might have on being charged with a crime is whether to consult an attorney to represent you or not. If you are struggling with this decision, we advise you to consider the consequences of a criminal conviction. Some of them are

  • Jail time
  • A huge fine
  • Loss of some rights like a driver’s license and firearm
  • Having a soiled public record which might be accessible to landlords, prospective employers, and all background checks.

Since the consequences of a criminal conviction are grave, we present some reasons why you need a trained lawyer to help represent you:

1. Representing Yourself is a very poor idea

Many people build their houses, paint their houses and can even sell their homes. All these are pretty comfortable since the internet is laden with materials that can help make this a reality. Many people familiar with the court system might be of the opinion that representing yourself when charged with a crime might not be a bad idea.

However, the issue here is that should you make a blunder while representing yourself, it could be difficult to correct if at all it will be rectified. This is not surprising as the criminal justice system is not so forgiven.

With all the procedures, rules of court and evidence that must be followed, a criminal proceeding could be complex. You need to have pre-trial discovery to obtain all incriminating evidence from the prosecution. Asides, you will be able to understand the defenses available and how they can be used.

Also, the knowledge of how to examine and cross-examine evidence, witnesses in a trial. You should also know how to introduce evidence, how to object to an evidence and present arguments on your behalf. You should be able to discredit experts etc. Also, should a jury make an error and you did not object, you will have adverse evidence that will work against you.

2. There is no substitute for Experience

All penalties for a criminal offense can be found in the criminal code. The sentences from a jury, on the other hand, depends on many things. This is why you need an experienced criminal attorney that is familiar with the circumstances and facts of your case, your background, the nature of your crime etc. is essential to be aware of what you are facing.

There are sentences that can be worsened by aggravating factors or reduced by those in mitigation. Example of aggravating factors is physical injury to the victim, a former felony charges, the age of the victim or the use of a firearm. Mitigating factors are a defendant abused by a spouse, emotional disorder, the absence of previous criminal conduct etc., which must be presented to the court at the right time.

There are cases where your attorney can give you alternative sentencing options which you merit. Your charges can also be dismissed so you have a clean record provided you complete all the conditions from the court.

It is important to be prepared and make an adequate discovery before the trial. An attorney can visit the crime scene, crosscheck the evidence against you and even question witnesses on your behalf. Also, a prosecutor will handle your case pretty serious with the presence of an established criminal defense attorney representing you. There is the opportunity for a good disposition of your cases like dismissal, jail time suspension or plea to a lesser charge.

3. Public Defender Option

Once you are able to prove that your financial resources are below a certain level, the court is mandated to get you an attorney. Under the 6 Amendment to the US Constitution, you are entitled to be assisted through a legal representation in felony matters that might involve jail time.

When someone arrested appears at the court, it is the responsibility of the court to request if they can afford a legal counsel. The defendant will have to complete a statement showing proof of their income, debts, and assets if they cannot afford one. Once you qualify, the court will offer you a public defender that will represent you. You would also need bail bondsmen in Orlando to help you process your bail.

Public defenders are skilled in handling criminal matters. They have been exposed to hundreds of trials in the court where you will likely be appearing. They can access investigators and researchers that can help them to make sure you get a fair chance.

4. The Case for a private Counsel

There are public defenders that are skilled, knowledgeable and hardworking. They are well respected by prosecutors that they work with every day. The issue, however, is that most public defenders have excessive caseloads that don’t give them enough time like a private counsel would.

Public defenders do everything in their capacity to reduce their workload. This is due to the fact that new cases come in weekly, and daily at times. Thus they focus more on cases with a high probability of dismissal. These are the cases that benefit from the limited resources that a public defender can provide. Asides, the bulk of these lawyers are fresh graduates just coming from law school. Hence, they lack the knowledge, skill, and respect for judges that a private counsel will offer to any defendant.

Whereas, most private criminal defense attorneys have once been public defenders. They might even be prosecutors with ample experience from deciding with various cases and defendant. They are usually resourceful with many things needed to give you the right defense which a public defender might not. A private criminal defense attorney will have experience researchers and investigators, blood, drug and alcohol experts, fingerprint experts or other pieces of evidence that might be used against you.

Private attorneys will also provide enough time to discuss with you, answer your questions and make your case a priority. You can also retain an attorney that is very experienced and recommended and you are comfortable with. This is a person you place your trust to give you the best representation.

The con to this, however, is the fact that the defendant might be under-compensated. This is due to the fact that they lack the necessary funds to afford a proper defense system.

When charged with a crime, you need to get an attorney and a bail bondsman in Orlando to help you in the legal process towards regaining your freedom. Feel free to get in touch with Mike Snapp Bail Bondsmen in Orlando for your bail bond application today.