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3 Bounty Hunters who Left Their Mark on History

3 Bounty Hunters who Left Their Mark on History

3 Bounty Hunters who Left Their Mark on History

Since 1966, bounty hunters in Florida had to licensed bondsmen. They must pass rigorous background and educational requirements before they can become bail bondsmen in Orlando or elsewhere in the state. Across the United States, many other states have a very similar process, but that has not always been the case. There have been some notorious bounty hunters throughout history.

John Riley Duncan

If you had been able to watch John Riley Duncan operate, you may have thought you were watching an Old West movie. John was born in Kentucky, but he moved to Texas shortly after the Civil War. He soon joined the Dallas Police Force and moved on to the Texas Rangers. He then became a private bounty hunter. He tracked Wes Hardin who claims to have killed 42 men from Texas to Pensacola, Florida, before finally getting his man. The epitome on his tombstone reads,” Dallas Policeman, Texas Ranger, and Dallas Detective, Got Wes Hardin, August 23, 1877" Bounty hunters are still very determined to get their person, so do them the favor by not skipping out on your bail.

John Mullowney

Better known as John of the Priests, John Mullowney was convicted of being a horse thief in Ireland in about 1700. In order to escape hanging, he agreed to hunt down Catholic priests who refused to pledge their allegiance to Queen Anne who was the head of the Church of England. John would locate one of the priests. Then, he would pretend to be dying and call for the priest to hear his last confession. Once the priest arrived, John would pull a knife from under his bed and kill the priest. Today, bounty hunters are still known to be extremely tricky. Save them the hassle by obeying the law, so they do not have to come looking for you.

Ralph Thorson

Made famous by the movie The Hunter, Ralph Thorson may have caught up to 5,000 people during his career as a bounty hunter. One way that Ralph, who was nicknamed Papa, was so successful was that he often brought the troublemakers home to live with him and his son. Then, he would feed them and help them find a job. Seldom did Ralph ever kick anyone out of his house, and many people became extremely successful after spending time on the wrong side of the law because of his tutorage. Today, many bounty hunters also care deeply about the individuals that they find.

Bail bondsmen in Orlando hope they never have to send a bounty hunter to find you. Therefore, when you agree to a bond arrangement from Mike Snapp Bail Bonds, make sure to show up for your court appointments. There are plenty of ways to get sound advice without having to make us send a bounty hunter after you, and you are only making it tougher on yourself because we will find you.