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Common Bail Bond Conditions

Common Bail Bond Conditions

Common Bail Bond Conditions

When your bail bondsmen in Orlando shows up to post your bond, the judge may tell you that they are releasing you on bail, but you can only remain free if you follow certain conditions. Being free on a bond is usually better than being locked up, but you will want to be sure to understand the terms set for your bail.  

Work with Pretrial Services

Often you will be ordered to work with pretrial services while you are free on bond. This program gives information directly to the judge, which they can use during your trial to make an informed decision about your punishment. This service unit often helps people get drug and alcohol treatment, get needed health care, qualify for their veterans’ benefits, and helps them find and maintain employment. You may be required to check-in with a member of this team regularly.  


Travel may be restricted while you are out on bond. Unless the judge sets specific travel restrictions, you are free to travel anywhere, but remember that you must be back for your court appearances. Judges often set travel restrictions on people on bail who they think may not return for their court-appointed times.  

Must Work

Unless a person receives Social Security Disability Insurance, they may be required to maintain their job or look for a new one. Judges usually see people who are working to support themselves in a better light, and you may even get your boss to be a character witness if you need one to win your case.  

Refrain From Drugs or Alcohol

It is usually up to the judge if you can drink while you are out on bond. Of course, doing illegal drugs is always wrong. If you often break the law while drinking, then you may want to consider refraining while out on bond. If you get arrested on a DUI or other charge while out on bail, then the judge may increase your bond or make you wait in jail until a judge hears your case.  


It is up to the judge if you can own or process firearms while out on bond. Often, it depends on what type of law you broke to get arrested in the first place. If you think you will be found guilty, you may want to think about selling your firearms because felons cannot legally own guns.

If you need help getting bail in Orlando, contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds. They will be glad to arrange your bail in Orlando. Then, discuss with them the conditions that the judge set for your bond. They want to see you succeed in staying out of jail until your court date. Work closely with these experts who you can trust to get you bail in Orlando in most cases.