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Crazy Crimes People Have Committed

Crazy Crimes People Have Committed

Crazy Crimes People Have Committed

While it definitely takes all types of people to make the world go around, there are some people that you simply have to look at while shaking your head because of the dumb crimes that they have tried to commit. Here are a few examples of the type of criminals who may want to give up their life of crime.

Andrew Dale Marcum

In Ohio, Butler County Sheriff’s Office post a wanted ad each week on Facebook in hopes that tips will come in telling them where the person is located. On March 3, 2015, they posted a wanted poster of Andrew Dale Marcum who was wanted for domestic violence, burglary, and abduction. Many people were very willing to tell the deputies of Andrew’s location. In fact, one of them was the criminal himself who posted on his own wanted poster. Sheriff’s officers working with other law enforcement soon had the man behind bars. The sheriff even replied to Andrew’s post assuring him that he had a room ready for the 21-year-old criminal.

Tiffany Campbell

Tiffany Campbell and John Atwood tried to burglarize Daytona State College while high on meth. The two, however, ended up in a janitor’s closet where they stayed for two days. The couple finally called the police because they thought they were locked in the closet forever. The police were truly amazed when they arrived because the closet had been unlocked the entire time.

Rashia Wilson

We all have that one friend on social media who cannot stop bragging about how good life is to them. Rashia Wilson is such a friend. This Tampa resident took to Facebook to brag that she had defrauded the Internal Revenue Service of almost $1 million. She even posted on Facebook a selfie of her holding large sums of money. The IRS did not take kindly to the post and started investigating. The case came to court and Rashia was found guilty of illegally getting the large refund. She was sentenced to 21 years in jail.

James Tindall

James Tindall got off with probation for a crime that he committed, but the 20-year-old failed to keep his appointments with his probation officer. Instead, he took to the open highway leaving Oregon behind on his way to Alabama. He posted about the many people that he met along the way and almost gave a turn-by-turn itinerary of his flight to freedom. He was not aware that his probation officer was tracking his moves on social media and soon he was behind bars.

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