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Help! Arrested on Vacation

Help! Arrested on Vacation

Help! Arrested on Vacation

If your loved one came to Orlando for vacation, and they end up getting locked up, then you may get a phone call asking if you can help with their bail. Life becomes a little more complicated when you are out of the state, but it is still possible for you to help your friend or family member get out on bond. There are four alternatives that you might want to consider.

Personal Recognizance

A judge may issue a personal recognizance bond for minor offenses. In this case, no bail is necessary as the judge will release the person on his promise to appear in court. The judge may also put other stipulations on his release.

Work with a Local Bailsmen in Orlando

If bail is necessary for your family member or friend’s release, then you may want to call a local bondsman to arrange for bail in Orlando. Sometimes, you can make arrangements over the phone for bail. Keep in mind that you will need to pay an amount determined by the state along with 10 percent of the amount of the bond. In this case, you can still expect the individual to be in jail for several hours while the system works. Additionally, remember that nothing can happen until the person appears before the judge. One bail company that you will want to consider using is Mike Snapp Bail Bonds.

Work With a Bondsman in Your Area

Another option is to work with a bondsman in your area. Working with a bondsman in your city can have many different advantages, but it may cost you a little bit extra. If you are not sure where the person is locked up, a local bondsman should be able to find out. If you need to use items as collateral, such as a car or fancy jewelry, then the local bondsman may be willing to put up the money that you need and guarantee payments to the bondman in Orlando.

Pay the Bond in Cash

If you have the money, then you may be able to pay the bond in cash. Call the facility where the person is incarcerated to see if they can take the payment over the phone. Remember that if you put up the money, then you are promising that person will appear in court. If they fail to appear, then you are out your money. You will need the complete amount. Some jurisdictions will not take payments over the phone, so you may need to travel to make the payment in person.

If you have any questions, then Mike Snapp Bail Bonds will be happy to assist you. Mike Snapp has been a Central Florida bondsman since 1978. He and his team of experts will be glad to assist you each step of the way.