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4 Most Common Types of Bail Bonds

4 Most Common Types of Bail Bonds

4 Most Common Types of Bail Bonds

If you are arrested in Orlando, then you may need to choose the right type of bail bond that is right for you. Knowing the four most common types of bail bonds in Orlando will help you understand the system better.

Own Recognizance

Sometimes people are released on their own recognizance. The judge may take several different factors into consideration before deciding that this type of bail bond is right for you. People who have little or no past trouble with the law are often released on these bonds if their infraction is minimal. If you can get an employer, community leader or family member to speak on your behalf, the judge will take these people’s testimony into consideration.

Cash Bond

If you have some money put aside, then you may just want to pay the bond in cash. The amount that you will need to pay is determined by the judge. You will need the money in cash as debit and credit cards are not accepted. At the end of your trial, court appointees will subtract the amount that you owe in fines and court costs. Then, you will get the rest of your money back if you have not missed a court appearance.

Property Bond

If you own real estate, then you can use it as collateral to meet the bond amount. You will need to present the court with evidence that you have paid your property taxes. You will also need to present evidence, such as an appraiser’s statement, showing the value of the property. If the property is mortgaged, then you can only use the amount that you own outright. If another person owns the property, then you will also need to present evidence that they have agreed to let you use the property to pay your bond. If you miss a court appearance, then foreclosure procedures can begin immediately.

Professional Bond Company

The option that most people choose is to use a professional bond company. You will normally have to pay these people, like Mike Snapp and his team, a flat fee and a percentage of your bail amount in case you fail to appear in court. The bondsman secures the rest of the bond through collateral put up by the individual or his family. It may be a car, property, jewelry or almost anything that has value. If the person appears in court, then the collateral is returned at the end of the case, however, if the individual misses a court appointment, then the bondsman keeps the collateral.

If you find yourself in trouble with the law, then contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds as they desire to be your bail bonds in Orlando company. In the event that you are short on cash, ask about setting up convenient payment plans. They are available around-the-clock, so contact them today at (407) 246-0919. They speak Spanish.