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Your Responsibilities When You Hire a Bail Bondsmen for a Family Member

Your Responsibilities When You Hire a Bail Bondsmen for a Family Member

Your Responsibilities When You Hire a Bail Bondsmen for a Family Member

Your loved one has gotten themselves into trouble, and they have asked you to arrange to hire bail bondsmen in Orlando to get them out of jail. Before you pick up the phone and call, take a second to consider your responsibilities. While you hate for your loved one to be locked up a second longer than they must be, you also need to understand your responsibilities.

Court Appearances

You are agreeing that the individual will make each one of their court appearances. In some cases, that may mean that you have to go track them down or take time off work to make sure that they make it to court on time. If they miss even one appearance, then you may need to put up more collateral with the bail bonds company to keep them free. If you put up your collateral to hire the bondsmen, then you may lose your property.

Pay the Entire Fee

If you agree to sign your name to the bail bond contract, then you must pay the entire fee if the person decides to disappear. Therefore, you may want to stop and think about the likelihood of that happening. You are responsible for paying the entire fee to the bondsmen if you put your name on the contract. You need to consider if the person will pay their own fee or pay you back for making the payments. If that is not the case, then you must be willing to make the payment even if the district attorney decides to drop the case or if the person is found not guilty.

Pay for the Person to be Found

If the person disappears, then you may need to pay the fee for someone to go track them down. This fee is in addition to paying the bail bondsmen as they are not responsible for keeping track of the individual. They can also not force the individual to go with them if they accidentally spot him or her.

Stop and Think

Now that you know the facts, stop and ask yourself if you are willing to sign on the line for the person who just called you from jail. While they may be upset during the call if they have a habit of constantly getting into trouble and jumping from job to job, understand that it is likely that you are agreeing to pay their bond.

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