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3 Warrant Scenarios That Can Land You in Jail

3 Warrant Scenarios That Can Land You in Jail

3 Warrant Scenarios That Can Land You in Jail

There are at least three different scenarios where you may end up under arrest and find yourself being booked into jail. If this happens, make sure to contact a bondsman to arrange bail bonds in Orlando as soon as possible.

Forget to Appear

Many people find themselves being booked into jail if they forget to appear in court. You forget a court date. Then, the judge issues an arrest warrant for your arrest. It is called a capias. This gives the police or other law enforcement agencies the right to pick you up any place that they see you. The result is that you spend time in jail and that you will need a bondsman to help set you free.

Judge Issues an Arrest Warrant

The second way that you may find yourself behind bars and needing a bondsman to get free is that a judge issues an arrest warrant with your name written on it. This happens when law enforcement has presented evidence against you proving to the judge that it is probable that you have done something wrong. Then, the police go to your home or place of employment and place you in handcuffs. You are then transported to jail where you will need a bondsman to help set you free by paying your bond. If the judge believes that you are hiding from authorities, then the penalty becomes much more severe, so it is best to call a bails bondsman and turn yourself in. Taking a bondsman with you when you appear can help shorten the time that you spend in jail.

Probable Cause

The third way that you can find yourself in jail is the police see you do something very wrong. You need to either be committing a felony or breaking one of the laws under Florida statues that allow police to handcuff you immediately. Unless it is an emergency, the police cannot enter your home without an arrest warrant, a search warrant or without a responsible party’s permission. In this case, you will be handcuffed immediately and taken to jail where you will need a bondsman to help get you free.

Regardless of the reason that you find yourself behind bars, you will need to post a bail bond in Orlando before you are free to resume your normal activities. Call Mike Snapp Bail Bonds at (407)246-0919 to make the arrangements. We are available 24 hours a day seven days a week, so you do not have to try to sleep on those uncomfortable bunks with the light shining in your eyes. We offer payment plans, so you do not have to have all the bond money upfront. If you have not yet been picked up, then we can even make arrangements over the phone for your bail. Everyone makes mistakes, but do not compound them by not calling us.