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What You are Required to do If Your Teen is Arrested

What You are Required to do If Your Teen is Arrested

What You are Required to do If Your Teen is Arrested

The arrest of teens is not an uncommon situation. Many parents whose teenagers got arrested have sought the services of Bail bonds in Orlando. Therefore, the high numbers of parents who seek the services of the bail bond in Orlando suggest that teen arrest is not an uncommon occurrence. in so many cases, parents have found the situation so upsetting, confusing, and hectic. The situation becomes even worse when the parents involved do not know what to do or they have never found themselves in such situation before. Such parents are very conscious of the fact that they need to get their child out of the jail and make the right decision throughout the judicial process, but they do not know how to go about it. In such cases the services of bail bonds in Orlando is inevitable. For those who do in event of a teen arrest, this article focuses on what you need to know about the arrest, jail, and bail for teenage defendant.

What is the first step?

A lot of people choose to do the wrong thing on hearing about the arrest of their teenage. No parent wants their teenage to be arrested. But, when it occurs, parents should react to the situation positive. A negative approach to such situation will not benefit the arrested teen and the parent. Some of negative reaction that must be avoided at all cost is calling people far and near to come to your aid. There is nothing such people can do in that situation. Also, parents should try to control their emotions. No doubt, a lot of thought run through their head at the moment. They should be aware that their child needs them most at that moment and they should be able to keep a cool head throughout the process.

Parents going through such situation for the first time are bound to get agitated or scared. All they need is to keep calm and get the required assistance through bail bonds in Orlando. What is being said here is that the first step after a teen arrest is not letting out an emotional outburst or calling people far and near to come to your aid, what should be done at this crucial moment is to keep a cool head in order to get your teenager through the situation.


Questioning is a stage that your teen must pass through. Questioning is done to get the through picture of the circumstances that led to the arrest. After the arrest, your teenager will be transported to a juvenile facility. At juvenile facility, your teen will be asked to give information his/her personal information. Some Information that will be required are names, age, parents’ contact information and the likes. Then, you will be contacted by the police telling you that your teen is in the holding.

The right step you need take after receiving such call is call arrange for a lawyer. There are two ways to go about it, you can decide to contact your personal attorney or hire a public attorney. Parents should make sure that their teen is not interrogated further until the attorney is present. You must insist that your teen should no longer be questioned until your attorney comes around. You should also be aware of the fact that you may not be allowed to be present during the interview. The officer in charge will determine if you will be granted access or not. At this stage, you must make sure you do all that is required. If you don’t know the way around this kind of situation, you can always engage the services of bail bonds in Orlando. They have what it takes to get your teenage out of such unpalatable condition.

Also, you should take note that this is not the right time to rain abuses or punish your child. What you should focus on getting the child out of the messy situation. Punishment and all kinds of correction can come later once your teen is released. Even if you are sure that your teen committed the crime, never encourage them to testify against themselves. This is important because anything said will be used against the child later. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to disallow your teen from saying anything that is incriminating. You should also be aware written record remains forever and a criminal record can have a negative impact on the rest of their life. Therefore, it is your duty to guide against that as much as you can. Your job is to get your teenage out and not to get the truth.

Paying the Bail

This is a crucial stage that involves getting your teen out of custody. It involves paying of bail the release of your teen.

Paying the bail comes next after going to jail and you are sure that your child is safe and secured. Not only that your must be child is safe and secure, your teen must have a legal representation. A legal representation is very important throughout the process. Just like adults that are normally released on bails, teenagers too enjoy the same benefit. In the case of teenagers, their parent or guardian will be responsible for the payment after which they will be granted bail and released.

The process is not as straightforward as it seems. You need to call a bail bond agent. It is their duty to walk you through the whole process. You can successfully post your child’s bail and ensure their release through bail bonds in Orlando. They agents will keep a certain percentage of the posted amount and you might be asked to sign over collateral. The collateral might be a car or a house. You should not panic as the collateral will be return as long as you make sure that your child makes it to their scheduled court dates.

If your teen or adolescent has been arrested, you should not hesitate to call Mike Snapp Bail Bonds for the services of bail bonds in Orlando. We will help you through your trying time.