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Four Ways that a Bail Bondsman Protects Your Information

Four Ways that a Bail Bondsman Protects Your Information

Four Ways that a Bail Bondsman Protects Your Information

Are you embarrassed because of your arrest?  Do you want to keep the information about your arrest as private as possible?  Are you concerned about how your reputation will change after your arrest?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you should know that when you are working with a bail bonds company, they will protect your privacy.  Being arrested doesn't have to be the end of your good reputation.  Securing a bond is needed to help you get out of jail, but you don't need to be concerned with any information leaking from your bail bondsman.  There are a few ways that bail bonds companies will protect your privacy and keep your information protected.  

We Will Meet You

Whenever you meet with a bail bondsman, you are not required to go to their place of work.  If you are embarrassed to be seen walking into a bail bonds in Orlando, don't worry.  Most bail bondsmen are flexible and will meet you at a different location.  Many people that are co-signing for the bond will not want to have to answer questions about who they are bailing out.  Whatever your reasons, it doesn't matter.  Your bail bonds company will not ask any questions.  Instead, they will offer a different location for you to get down to business.  Places like coffee shops, restaurants, or your home are great options of where to meet with a bail bondsman.  Public areas are also ideal meeting spots.   

At this meeting, you'll be able to ask them any questions about the bonds process that you may have.  Because the bond has likely already been secured, you may now be curious about the remainder of the process and what happens next.  You may ask them questions about the court appearance or any other follow up legalities that are required of you.

If you are comfortable meeting your bail bondsman at their office, then you still have this option as well.  We are flexible and will always work with your reasonable wishes.

We Accept Collect Calls

Nowadays, keeping anything a secret may seem impossible.  However, our bail bonds company has the ability to receive collect calls that hide any information you wish to keep concealed.  Collect calls are typically from the arresting facility or jail in which you are being held.  Collect calls are also great opportunities for you to have a private conversation that is not logged into a smartphone.  It gives you a chance to have an untraceable conversation with a bail bonds company to ensure your privacy while still receiving the services you need to get out of jail.  

This is especially critical for co-signers that do not want to use public telephone lines.  For instance, they may be at work when they receive the phone call about bailing a friend out of jail.  To avoid having to answer awkward questions, they may choose to use a public phone to place a collect call to secure bail bonds in Orlando.  This gives them the confidentiality they need to feel comfortable.

We Can Eliminate Home Monitoring Systems

If you or your friend has been arrested due to alcohol-related criminal activities, you may be asked to wear a home monitoring system to track your alcohol intake.  If you are working with a reputable and well-known bonds company, you may have the chance to eliminate the need for this monitoring system.  This means that you will not have to explain yourself to anyone, because there won't be anything different for people to notice.

This will spare you the embarrassment of having to wear a tracking bracelet around the home or use a blood alcohol scanner.  When the bracelet is removed, you will have more freedom to do as you please, as long as you follow the conditions of your bail.  You must still stay out of trouble and also attend your court appearance date and any other court cases agreed upon at your release.

We Do Exclusive Agreements

Securing bail bonds in Orlando will give you access to an exclusive agreement.  Many bail bonds companies will write out the entire arrangement into an exclusive agreement that specifically outlines any expectations or rules to follow.  In this agreement, you have the ability to limit the communication between the bail bondsman and the other parties involved, including the co-signer and defendant.  If you feel uncomfortable having open lines of communication with your bail bonds representative, then you have the option to minimize communication.  

You also have the chance to limit the amount of information that can be released about you and your arrest.  This is a great way to ensure privacy and keep your details discreet.  If someone requests any information about the bonds that you've paid for, the bail bonds company will not be able to disclose any information if this is what you've outlined in your agreement.  This extra layer of privacy puts you in control over the information that can be leaked to the community.  It protects you from any humiliation you may want to prevent.  Also, this gives you the chance to regain a little control over the process.  

These are just a few of the exclusive ways that bail bonds companies will work to protect your identity and the information surrounding your arrest.  In fact, they are legally required to keep this information private and protected.  Bail bonds companies with great reputations earn the trust of their clients by performing quality services and securing bonds in an efficient manner.  If you are looking for the best, reputable bail bonds in Orlando, you want to trust Mike Snapp Bail Bonds.  Contact us today to hear about how we can help you secure bail bonds to get your loved ones out of jail.