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Questions that Bail Bondsmen Are Frequently Asked

Questions that Bail Bondsmen Are Frequently Asked

Questions that Bail Bondsmen Are Frequently Asked

When your friend or family member is arrested, you may hear the phone ring asking for help to bail them out of jail.  Bail bonds in Orlando will give you a call if you are on the list of people that can help out the arrested individual.  Whenever you get this call, you may be asking a lot of different questions to help determine exactly how liable you will be when you help your friend or exactly what a bail bonds company does.  These questions can be easily answered by any experienced bondsman who is looking to spread awareness of their business.  Here is a list of questions that bail bondsmen are frequently asked by those who haven't previously worked with a bail bonds company.

How can I get a bail bond?

There are a few methods to getting a bail bond to help your friend get out of jail.  The first method requires your friend to contact a bail bonds company to give them their information.  From there, we will be able to contact their list of individuals to see who will help them out with this process.  The other method happens when your arrested friend contacts you first to tell them about their incident and ask you to secure a bail bond.  When this happens, you will be able to contact multiple bail bonds companies to find the best one.  You want to trust reliable bail bonds in Orlando to help you secure the bond quickly and efficiently so that your friend can be released sooner.

Do I get my money back?

When you invest in a bail bonds, you will never get your premium back.  This is the cost of the bail bond, and this is nonrefundable.  This is the fee for the bail bonds service that is earned when the arrested individual is released from custody.  However, you invest in a bail bond that is an amount much higher than your premium, and this will be refunded with a few exceptions.  If the arrested individual is rearrested, your money will not be refunded.  The individual needs to be on their best behavior and abide by the rules set forth by the court when he was released.  When he follows the rules, your money will be given back to you.  He also must appear at his court date in order to get your money back.  If he fails to do so, your money will also not be refunded.

What if I have begun to doubt that the arrested individual will appear in court?

If you have helped to bail your friend out of jail but then begin to doubt that they will follow through with their end of the deal, you can contact your bondsman to discuss your options.  They will help you work through this situation in an attempt to remedy your issue.

Can the arrested individual leave the state while out on bond?

If the arrested individual is considering leaving the state or even the country while he is on bond, you must first contact the bondsman to discuss the conditions.  This is up to the courts, and this typically depends on the severity of the crime they committed.  Often times, the arrested individual will need to get permission from both the bail bondsman and the court before they are allowed to leave the state or the country.

Can I get a discount on the bail premium?

Bail premiums are actually determined by the state in which you live.  Regulations and statutes dictate the amount of money that is required to be collected when one purchases bail bonds in Orlando.  Florida state laws dictate this amount for us.  If bail bonds companies suggest that they offer bargains or deals on bail bonds, they may be subject to losing their license.  In order to check on the correct amounts for bail bonds premiums, you should also consult a rate chart to help keep you informed and keep your bail bonds company honest.

What do you accept as collateral?

When you cannot afford to pay for the bond in the form of money, bail bondsmen also accept collateral to help get your friend out of jail.  Many bail bonds companies accept similar forms of collateral, but it may differ depending on the company you use.  These typically include property, cars, credit cards, jewelry, and bank accounts.  Be sure to check with your company before you assume they will accept the form of collateral that you were planning to use.  

What happens if the arrested individual gets re-arrested while on bond?

When the arrested individual finds himself in more trouble with the law and gets re-arrested while he is out on bond, the bond can be surrendered and you will no longer be liable.  However, you will also lose your premium if you chose to surrender your liability with the bond.  When your friend gets re-arrested, you will also be given the opportunity to help him by securing another bond if you choose to do so.

These are just a few of the common questions that many people ask bail bondsmen when they first start working with them.  When that phone rings and you hear a bail bonds company on the other end, you will now know what to expect.  The bail bonds process moves rather quickly to help get the arrested individual out of jail as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Answering your initial questions is always the duty of many companies who sell bail bonds in Orlando, for it helps inform you of your role in the entire process.  Even though you may be reluctant to help your friend get out of jail, you should ask questions to help you better understand the process before you hang up the phone or say no.  If you find yourself wondering about or needing bail bonds services, contact us today to hear how we can help you.