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The Process of Securing Bail Bonds in Orlando

The Process of Securing Bail Bonds in Orlando

The Process of Securing Bail Bonds in Orlando

Does a friend or relative need to be bailed out of jail?  Has a buddy recently been arrested?  Did you receive that dreaded call to help bail your friend out of jail?  This might have you immediately questioning how to start the bail bonds process to help get your friend or family member out of jail in a timely manner.  Typically, many people panic when they hear that someone they know has been arrested.  They don't know where to start when it comes to acquiring bail bonds in Orlando.  This process is foreign to many people, and we provide assistance and information throughout each step of the way.  By providing our customers with information about the bail bonds process, they trust us to provide the bonds that will ultimately get their friend out of jail.  Let's take a look at the bail bonds process from start to finish.

The Arrest

This part is self-explanatory.  Your friend or family member has been arrested for criminal activity.  They will be taken into police custody and either placed in a holding cell or taken directly to the jail.  Their picture will be taken, and they will provide information to the police.

The Booking Process

When the arrest first takes place, the defendant will go through a booking process at their arresting facility.   This involves fingerprinting, acquiring personal information, and describing the criminal activity and reason for the arrest.  

During the booking process, the bail is set.  This is the value of the bond you will need to secure from our bail bonds in Orlando.  This number is important.  Whenever the bond is set for a high price, this means that the crime was more severe.  Most bonds are not set for high prices because they are basic misdemeanors or first-time offenses.  However, whenever higher bail is set, they are typically more difficult to secure.  This means that the person who committed the crime is likely a danger to himself or others, and he/she should not be able to get out of jail so easily.

The Phone Call

Once your friend or family member is arrested and booked, they will be able to contact the bail bonds agency.  During this first phone call, we will ask a series of questions about the circumstances of the arrest.  We will ask where the defendant is, how long they have been there, what occurred to cause the arrest, what the charges are, and more questions to help us better understand the situation and your bail bond needs.  This is how bail companies assess the risk involved in issuing your bond.

On the other hand, your friend or family member might actually call you first.  This means that you will then have to call the bail bonds agency to secure the bonds that will be used to bail them out of jail.  You will then be asked to answer as many of those questions as you can.

Securing the Bond

Once our agency and our clients agree to do the bond, we will require documentation and signed paperwork before finalizing the bond.  Then, we will work to secure the bond by contacting the parties involved and working on the financial aspects.  This process is typically done in a timely manner to help get your friends and family out of jail and safely home as soon as possible.  Many people are primarily concerned with a quick and efficient bail bonds process.

Once the paperwork is agreed upon and finalized, the agent working with you will post bail at the arresting facility.  This means that the bail bonds in Orlando have been secured.  Just because the bail has been posted doesn't mean that they will immediately be released from jail.  In fact, sometimes there is a line and they will have to wait their turn.  Although this process typically happens quickly, it can sometimes take a few hours.  They try to work as fast as they can.

The Release

Finally, once the arresting facility has reviewed the paperwork and the bail circumstances, they will release the defendant.  Your friend or family member will be given their belongings and they will also need to find a ride home.  You should be prepared to pick them up or arrange travel for them, as they will not have their vehicle with them.  

The Court Appearance

When the defendant is released, he will have to attend all court appearances required for his case and also continue to uphold his behaviors as agreed upon by his case.   This is a part of the bail bonds agreement.  If the defendant fails to meet his court date, the amount of bonds will not be returned.  This is to ensure that your friend or family member will hold up his end of the deal and follow through with the remainder of his case.  

It is advised for the defendant to lay low until this court date comes, because that way he will stay out of trouble.  If the defendant is re-arrested during that time, he will also have to forfeit the bond and will actually have difficulty acquiring another one to get out of jail the second time.  

Trust Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando

Our step-by-step bail bonds process has helped many people avoid spending too much time in jail.  This allows them to return home to await their court date and their punishment.  Whenever your friend or family member is arrested, you want to trust a bondsman who works efficiently and fairly to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.  Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando has many experienced and qualified bondman that work 24/7 to secure the bail bonds you need.  Contact us today if you find yourself in need of a bail bondsman.