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What Happens If You Can't Make Bail?

What Happens If You Can't Make Bail?

What Happens If You Can't Make Bail?

Have you, a friend, or a family member recently been arrested?  Being arrested will set in motion a chain of events that now relies on others to make your decisions for you.  This can be frustrating, but if you follow the rules and keep your behavior in check, you will likely be able to secure bail and get released within a reasonable time frame.  As a company for bail bonds in Orlando, we know all about the process of securing bonds and what you'll need to do to oblige by the terms of your bail.  We will work with you so that you, too, can understand the obligations that are set by the terms of your bail, and we will work hard to get you out of jail.  However, some people have a difficult time making bail with their means.  If you can't make bail on your own, there are a few options available to you that you should know about.

Wait in Jail

Unfortunately, one of the most obvious options to you is to continue waiting in jail.  If you cannot meet your bail, you may have to stay put for some time.   Typically, they will hold you in jail as you await your first hearing, which may be weeks or even months away.  Although it may not be pleasing to stay in prison, it is the alternative if you do not have any other way to financially secure your bail bonds in Orlando or have anyone to help you out with this expense.  The length of your stay in jail will depend on the severity of your crime, so those who have minor crimes may actually opt for this choice because they won't stay long.  This prevents them from having to pay any more money than they already have to.  You can also request a speedy trial if this is the option you choose.

Ask for a Reduction

Another option is to ask the judge for a reduction in your bail.  Typically, your attorney will be able to do this for you, depending on the type of representation that you have.  If you can prove that the bail is excessive and doesn't match the crime, you may petition the judge for a reduction in bail.  If this is granted, you may be able to now afford the price of bail and get out of jail.  However, if the judge grants this petition and lowers your bail, you will need to be on your best behavior and appear in court.  If you fail to do so, the bail will be set at a much higher amount when you are re-arrested.

Contact Friends or Family for Their Help

One of the most common ways to secure bail is to ask for help from friends or family.  This is especially true if you are incapable to providing the financial means necessary to even secure the bail bonds in Orlando.  You will either be able to call your family and friends directly to ask for their assistance, or you can provide a list of names and numbers to your bail bondsmen.  Then, they will call around to see if anyone is willing to vouch for you and give you the help you need to get out of jail.  Friends and family that live with you or rely on your support or your financial contribution may have extra incentive to help you out and get you out of jail.

Be Released on Recognizance

Sometimes, the judge may allow you to be released out of your own recognizance.  This means that you are allowed to be released under the pretenses that you appear in court when needed.  This will likely only be granted for those that have committed very minor crimes, those that aren't deemed to be a flight risk, and those that have been on good behavior thus far.  Although this isn't the most commonly used option, it is sometimes available when there isn't enough room in the prison.  The judge will typically look at the most well-behaved and minor crimes first, and this might affect you if you are one of the lucky ones.  However, if you don't show up to your court hearing, the punishment can be more severe the second time around.

Use Collateral to Secure Bail Bonds in Orlando

If you don't have the financial means to secure your bail bonds, you will be able to use collateral to get the bond.  There are a variety of items that you can use as collateral to secure your bond and get yourself out of jail.  From expensive belongings to your mortgage, many bail bondsmen will provide you with a list of acceptable items to use for collateral.  These items will be returned to you once you meet all the requirements of your bail, which will hold you accountable for those behaviors and actions.  

These are some of the options that you'll have if you cannot make bail for some reason.  Some people don't have the financial means to secure bail bonds in Orlando, and this can cause panic and frustration.  Knowing your options will help to ease your frustrations and provide you with an alternative way to be released from jail in a timely manner.  If you are looking to secure bail bonds in Orlando, you'll want to trust the expert bail bondsmen at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds.  We can help you with all of your bonds needs and work quickly to get you and your loved ones out of prison quickly.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you with your bail bonds today.