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What You Need to Know Before You Post Bail

What You Need to Know Before You Post Bail

What You Need to Know Before You Post Bail

Once you've been arrested, your main priority will likely be to get released from jail.  The only way to be released from jail is to make bail.  The bail bonds process can take a little bit of time, but typically you won't have to wait too long to be released and head home.  However, this all depends on the type of crime you were found to be committing.  Many people are able to secure bail bonds in Orlando and be released from jail, but that doesn't mean the process is over.  In fact, it is just starting.  Whenever you post bail, you'll want to be aware about what might be next to come in your life.  Understanding what's next will help you prepare for your next move.  There are a few things you need to know before you post bail.

You Will Attend a Bail Hearing

Once you are taken into police custody, you will then be expected to appear at a bail hearing.  This is where the judge will quickly determine the amount of bail that you can be released on.  Depending on the severity of the crime, the prosecution may request a high amount for your bail.  This is an attempt to keep you in prison until your trial.  This also may occur if the judge believes you to be a threat to yourself or others.  If they believe that you or others will be safer by staying in prison, bail will likely be set at a high and unaffordable amount.  

You Should Have an Attorney Present at the Bail Hearing

During this hearing, you will need to have an attorney present with you.  This way, you can defend yourself against the prosecution, which will give you a chance to fight for bail reduction.  If you are unable to have your own attorney present with you at this time, you can request that court provide you with a public defender as soon as possible.  This, however, could mean that your date could be postponed until they can get you one.

You Should Make Sure You Can Get a Bail Bond in Your State

Before you post bail, you want to be sure that you have the option to secure bail bonds in your state.  In the state of Florida, bail bonds are permitted.  However, in about six states, they are not.  These states include Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Maine, Oregon, and Wisconsin.  If you are arrested in one of these states, you may have to wait until your trial date to be released from prison if you cannot afford to pay cash out of pocket for your bail release.  Luckily, all other 44 states will allow you to secure bail bonds if you cannot afford to pay your bill cash in full.

Getting Bail is the Quickest Way to Get Out of Jail

Whenever you have the option to be released from jail on bail, it will be the quickest way you can get out of there.  This can be expedited if you are granted permission to have a family member or friend secure the bail bonds in Orlando for you.  Because they will be able to work more efficiently with the help of a bail bondsman, they can work quickly to get you the money you need to be released from jail.  However, sometimes the state will keep you in custody longer to have an official bail hearing roughly 24 hours later.  This is because they may have to work through some of the details of your case or they are simply busy that day.  

You May Have Restrictions upon Your Release

Whenever you are released from jail on bail, you may have to adhere to certain restrictions or stay on your best behavior while you are home.  This is because you are still awaiting your trial, which will be when your punishment is determined.  Many people may actually still be sentenced at this trial, so it is important to take caution and follow any restrictions that may have been placed on you while you are released.  If you fail to follow these restrictions, you could be rearrested.  You may also have to forfeit the deposit on your bail bonds in Orlando, which means you will likely have a difficult time securing bonds in the future.

Resist the Urge to Pay the Full Bail Amount Right Away

Whenever you secure bail bonds in Orlando, you will typically have the choice to pay the full bail amount or pay 10% of the full bail or $100, whichever number is higher.  Be mindful of your financial circumstances during this exchange.  Remember that if you've lost your job, you may need that money to support yourself until your trial.  Also, you can always pay the rest later if need be.  Be smart about financial decisions as you wait for your trial, especially if you have a family or have lost your job as a result of your arrest.

These are just a few things you need to know before you post bail.  Because this process may be new to you if this is your first arrest, our bail bonds in Orlando can help you through each step of the way.  We are reliable bail bondsmen that focus on helping you with whatever you may need, and that may involve communicating the next more or explaining the expectations of this process.  When you stay informed, you can make the best decisions as you move forward with the legal process.  If you find yourself or a friend in need of a bail bonds in Orlando, you'll want to trust the most efficient company there is.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you secure the bond so you can be released from prison quickly after arrest.