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Five Common Bail Bonds Terms You Should Know

Five Common Bail Bonds Terms You Should Know

Five Common Bail Bonds Terms You Should Know

Most people are not prepared to get arrested, and they may not fully understand how to proceed after the arrest.  With the help of a bail bonds agency, you can find out the way to proceed to get out of jail by securing bail bonds in Orlando.  If you are not familiar with the legal system, or how you can obtain a bail bond, it can be a confusing or overwhelming process.   These are some of the terms that you may hear that can help you better understand the process of securing bail bonds.

Bail Bond

For starters, we will talk about a bail bond. When someone gets arrested, they go before a judge. The judge then decides the bail, and whether to grant them one. This bail can be paid to “free” the defendant from jail until his court hearings for the charges take place.  Often, people will rely on their savings and cash to bail out their loved one or themselves. This is often an awfully expensive way to go. When you get a bail bond, the bondsman will put up the money for your bail, and there are specific conditions you must follow until after your court dates.

Bail Bond Premium

Premiums are what make the bond affordable to pay for. It is typically only 10% of the bail cost. So, if your bail is $2,000, you are only paying the bondsman $200. While you don't get your money back, once you appear in all your court hearings, the bondsman makes his money back and you aren't required to pay the full bail amount.


In many bail agreements, to make sure payment is made, collateral is used. Collateral that is not a cash agreement is barely used, however, there are several things you can use as collateral if you need to. These items are:

  • Cars
  • Real Estate
  • Expensive Art
  • Other Property

Bail Schedule

However, the amount a bail is isn't just plucked out of the sky. There is a prescribed bail schedule that the court must follow. This schedule allows them to appoint fair bail amounts based off the defendants' crimes.  The judge does have a say in the amount as well.   They can increase or decrease the bail amount.


Conditions are something you need to pay attention to when you purchase a bail bond. They can include check-ins with your bondsman and making sure you are on time to every court proceeding. If you fail to meet these conditions you will find yourself going back to jail. You will also leave your co-signer with a hefty repayment plan.

These are some terms that can make the bail bonds process easier.  While the best advice that can be offered is to not get arrested, if you do then you should consider using a bondsman. Contact the professionals at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando to hear how we can help t