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Five Ways You Can Help a Friend that Has Been Arrested

Five Ways You Can Help a Friend that Has Been Arrested

Five Ways You Can Help a Friend that Has Been Arrested

An arrest can occur at any moment.  You could be at work, at home with the family, or sitting back watching football when the phone or doorbell rings and you hear that your best buddy has been arrested.  From understanding how to help them secure bail bonds in Orlando to letting them know you are there for them, these are a few ways that you can help a friend when they have been arrested.

Let Them Know You Are Here

Being arrested is a terrifying experience. The individual behind bars must understand that they are loved and supported and that they are not alone in the issue. If you cannot see them straight away, make sure you stay in touch via phone calls. Since they are aware that they made an error and are likely to be feeling depressed, try not to be overly harsh or judgmental. Instead, reassure them that you will be there for them no matter what.

Gather Information to Help Them

Before you offer any assistance:

  1. Gather all information about the activities that led to the arrest and where it happened. You'll also need the person's complete name and their case or booking number, as this is how they're identifiable in the system.
  2. Get the jail's specific location, including the city, phone number, zip code, and street address.
  3. Please find out how many bail bonds they have set.
  4. Keep in mind that most of this information will not be available until the suspect is booked into jail.

Help Them Find a Lawyer

If the individual has been arrested and is facing criminal charges, they will require the services of a lawyer for guidance, negotiations and representation. Everyone has a constitutional right to legal representation. If your friend cannot afford to pay a lawyer, a public defender will be assigned. If they are detained, you could also plan to have an attorney present and ready.

Secure Bail Bonds in Orlando

When police or other law enforcement officers arrest individuals, they physically take them into custody using a police van. Then, they are transferred to jail or a criminal processing facility for an administrative process known as "booking." The police may release arrestees without filing charges in some cases. Still, if charges are brought, the arrestee must remain in custody until freed on a bail bond, a court renders a verdict, or the case is otherwise concluded.

Support Them Through the Whole Process

The arrested individuals contacted you because they know you are a dependable family member or friend. Please make sure that you stick with them until everything is resolved. It could include assisting with household duties, accompanying them to court hearings, childcare, or simply listening. Continue to assure them that their faults will not change your loyalty and love for them. At the same time, you should set certain expectations where the arrested children will learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

If your friend has recently been arrested, you can work with them to secure bail bonds in Orlando for their release.  Contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds to get started today.