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Four Factors Judges Consider When They Post Bail

Four Factors Judges Consider When They Post Bail

Four Factors Judges Consider When They Post Bail

After being arrested, you may wonder what comes next.  What are the next steps in the process after being arrested?  When you are charged with a crime, you will be taken into police custody, and you will be taken to jail.  As an agency that locates bail bonds in Orlando, we help many clients get the money they need to get released from prison quickly.  Bail will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the judge at the arresting facility.  These are a few factors that the judges will consider when they post bail.

Nature of the Crime

One of the first things that a judge will consider is the nature and severity of the crime you committed to get you arrested.  The more severe or intense the crime, the more the bail will be.  Many misdemeanor crimes will likely only be a small amount to be bailed out.  However, if the crime seems to make the judges think that you are a risk to yourself or others, you may have a much higher bail amount.  This is in the hopes to keep yourself and the community safe from any future crimes you may commit when released.

Criminal History

Judges will also consider any previous crimes that you have committed or any record you may already have.  Those who do not have a criminal record will be able to post a smaller amount of bail than those who have a criminal background.  If you have any outstanding warrants, you may even be denied bail entirely until your previous legal issues are settled.

Flight Risk

One of the terms of bail is that you will appear at any court hearings or appearances that pertain to you case.  If they have reason to suspect that you will not appear at these dates or that you will be a flight risk, they may make bail much higher.  They may even deny your bail if they think you will try to flee the state or country, as this is illegal and requires many resources to locate you.


Judges may also take into account the way you have behaved since you have been in police custody.  Those who have obliged and acted responsibility and kindly may have a lower bail amount if the judge believes you are not a problem or threat.  When they go to post your bail, they will have seen a responsible individual that shows remorse for the crimes committed.  If they see this, they may be more likely to go easier on you and give you a lower bail amount.

These are a few factors that judges consider when they post bail for those arrested.  If you have recently been arrested, you will want to know how to locate quick and reliable bail bonds in Orlando.  Contact us to hear about our bail bonds process today.