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How the Courts Determine Bail Amount

How the Courts Determine Bail Amount

How the Courts Determine Bail Amount

Have you or a family member recently be arrested?  Are you hoping to be released on terms of bail?  When it comes time for your arraignment hearing, you will be able to hear more information about the terms of your arrest and the amount of bail that you've posted.  After this, you can start the process of securing bail bonds in Orlando to be released from jail.  As you wait, you will likely be thinking about how they will determine the cost of your bail.  There are a few factors that go into the court's decision about your bail amount.

The Seriousness of Your Crime

The amount of bail will match the seriousness of your crime.  If you have committed only a misdemeanor offense, the typical solution would be to have a lower cash bond.  However, as your crime becomes more severe, the amount of your bail will be raised.  This is to protect the community from any potential violence or threats that you may bring, as it is more difficult and costly to secure bonds at higher amounts.

If You Have Any Prior Warrants

Bail will likely be postponed if the courts find that you have any outstanding warrants on your criminal record.  Because of this, you will likely be detained until those who issued the warrant can be contacted for further information.  If the courts learn that your warrant was related to previous bail terms, like you failed to appear in court, they may choose to keep you detained and deny your bail entirely.

Local Community Ties

If the judge has reason to believe that you will be staying in the area during the time that you are released on bail, they may lower the amount of bail.  When you have reliable and trustworthy family members, the court will be able to rely on the fact that you will likely stay out of trouble and actually show up for your court appearances.  It can work in your favor to have local family and friends to stay with during your release.

Employment Status

The courts will look into your employment status when they are determining the cost of your bail.  If you have had steady employment and you have a great track record with your employer, this will work in your favor.  Because you will likely be able to go to work when you are released on bail, the court will be able to trust that your reputation and employment status are meaningful to you, and they will grant you a lower bail amount.

Previous Criminal Record

If you have no prior criminal records against you, the judge will likely set your bail to a lower amount.  However, if they dig through your past and realize that you have a long list of criminal records, they will set the bail at a much higher amount because of your repeat offenses and threat to the community.

These are just a few of the many factors that the courts will use when they are determining the bail amount for your release.  When you are in need of bail bonds in Orlando to be released from prison quickly, you want a bail bonds agency that will work efficiently to get you out.  Contact the experienced bail bondsmen at Mike Snapp Bail Bonds in Orlando today.