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Six Common Juvenile Offenses that Can Get You Arrested

Six Common Juvenile Offenses that Can Get You Arrested

Six Common Juvenile Offenses that Can Get You Arrested

Have you or your friends recently been arrested because of a juvenile offense?  Many juveniles commit minor offenses that leave them spending a night or two in jail before they get released on their bail.  When they commit a minor offense, they may not realize that it can still lead them to be incarcerated.  As agents that help them secure bail bonds in Orlando, we have seen many minor juvenile cases that have only kept the defendant in jail for a few hours.  These are some of the most common types of juvenile offenses that can get you arrested.


Many teenagers and adolescents are caught shoplifting items from local stores.  Although they may have been pressured into it by their friends, or they have taken it up as a sport, you should know that all stealing crimes, like shoplifting, are punishable by law.


If you think it is a fun idea to spend your Friday night painting the side of a bridge, think again.  Vandalism is a minor offense that can leave you spending the night in jail.  From drawing on public restroom stalls to keying a car, these are all offenses that can start your criminal record.

Alcohol Offenses

Those that are caught in possession of or under the influence of alcohol can be taken into police custody and jailed if the offense is severe enough.  Underage consumption of alcohol, purchase of alcohol, or possession of alcohol are punished be law and will result in criminal charges against you.  Those who purchase alcohol for a minor are also engaging in criminal behavior that could get them behind bars.

Disorderly Conduct

Fighting in public, cursing, or indecent exposure is also another crime that many juveniles are caught doing.  These instances depend on the severity of the crime to tell the punishment that will be enforced.  


Assault cases are also common for juveniles to be involved with.  When you engage in bullying, fist-fighting, heated disagreements, or shoving other individuals, you may be charged.  When files are charged against you for causing severe injuries in an assault case, you may face more time in jail.

Drug Possession

Illegal drug possession is another serious crime that many juveniles are guilty of.  This can result in a lifelong record and indication of drug possession, and it can also ruin their reputation and chances of gaining employment.   Possessing, using, dealing, or handling illegal drugs are all separate charges that can leave you behind bars.

These are some of the most common types of juvenile offenses that can land you in jail.  If you, your family member, or your friend has been recently arrested due to any of these offenses, you will want to help them secure bail bonds in Orlando to be released from prison.  Contact Mike Snapp Bail Bonds to get started with that process today.