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What Happens If You Fail to Go to Your Court Appearance?

What Happens If You Fail to Go to Your Court Appearance?

What Happens If You Fail to Go to Your Court Appearance?

Have you recently been arrested and released on the terms of your bail?  As one of the top agencies for bail bonds in Orlando, we help many clients get out of prison in a timely manner by providing them with efficient bond services.  When you secure a bail bond, you are also agreeing to a few conditions.  One of the most important aspects of the bail bond agreement is to show up at any court appearances that deal with your case.  If you are a failure to appear in court, you will suffer from a few different punishments.  

You Lose Your Bail

If you paid your bail using your own money or borrowing money from a trusted family member, you will not be getting any money back.  By failing to appear in court, you actually provide the courts with an opportunity to keep any of your bail money, as you have broken the terms of your agreement.  This is true no matter how much money you've spent on securing bail.  When you attend your court appearances, you will get any money back that you spent on bail except for the agreed upon expenses.

You Owe Your Bail Company Money

When you've used a bail bondsman to secure your bail, the bail bondsman is now the individual that has lost their money.  This means that you will be indebted to them if you fail to appear in court.  You should expect a bill from your bail bondsman in the full amount of expenses that they've already paid for your release from jail.

You Will Have a Warrant Issued from the Courts

In addition to having to pay back all the money you owe, the courts will also issue a warrant for your arrest.  Once the warrant is issued, they will begin to search for you so that you can pay in full or suffer more legal consequences.

You Can End up Back in Jail without Bail

Once they find you, they will take you back to jail, and you won't have the option for bail release this time.  When this occurs, you will be stuck in jail until the next court appearance, because you are now deemed a flight risk by the legal system.  In addition to the first charges you, you will now more charges on your record.  Also, bail bondsmen will be less likely to work with you in the future in the event that you need them.

These are a few of the repercussions that will occur when you fail to appear in court after you are released on bail.  If the courts suspect that you are flight risk, they may never even issue your bail in the first place.  To avoid these punishments, be sure to follow all of the agreements made when you secure your bail bonds in Orlando.  Contact the professionals at Mike Snapp Bails Bonds to hear more today.