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When an Auto Accident is Also a Crime

When an Auto Accident is Also a Crime

When an Auto Accident is Also a Crime

Have you been involved in a fatal or life-threatening auto accident?  Are you wondering whether you will be criminally prosecuted?  When you are determined to be responsible for causing an auto accident due to your negligence or ignorance, you may actually find yourself in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit that has criminal charges.  This may lead an arrest that requires you to secure bail bonds in Orlando to be released from prison.  There are a few incidents where your auto accident can also be considered a criminal action.

Hit and Runs

No matter how panicked or scared you may be after you are involved in an auto accident, you do not want to flee the scene.  This can result in immediate criminal activity, especially if you have left someone injured and alone without any assistance.  It is a legal obligation to tend to anyone involved in the accident and follow through with the emergency authorities.


Driving under the influence of substances, such as drugs or alcohol, the police will be notified and you will be arrested.  Toxic screens, like breathalyzers and blood tests, can determine the extent of your influence and whether you should have been legally operating a vehicle.  You may also get your driver's license suspended and be required to attend drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Reckless Driving

If it can be proven that you were driving recklessly and negligent of the safety of other drivers on the road, you can be faced with criminal charges associated with your auto accident.  The court will determine the state of your mental health and the circumstances around your accident before they choose to criminally charge you.

Vehicular Manslaughter

If you accident happens to result in the death of another individual, you will immediately be charged with vehicular manslaughter.  The extent of your charges will vary on a case-by-case basis, so you will want to follow through and attend all your court appearances to learn more about your situation.

Pedestrian Accidents

If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in hitting a pedestrian, you may be faced with criminal charges.  This is especially true if you were not abiding by the laws of the road, such as speeding or driving in a pedestrian-only zone.  Because of the dangers of hitting a pedestrian, you may have caused extensive injuries that could lead to a criminal lawsuit.

These are some of the instances that may actually result in criminal charges to be filed against you after you've been involved in an auto accident.  When you have endangered the life and safety of another individual, you may be arrested.  In the event of your arrest, you may find yourself in need of bail bonds in Orlando.  Contact us to secure your bonds in a timely manner today.