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4 Things You Should Never Do if You are Arrested

4 Things You Should Never Do if You are Arrested

4 Things You Should Never Do if You are Arrested

Police arrest many people in America every day. Anxious or disgruntled individuals can make mistakes when arrested that make their situation worse than it has to be. Though these reactions can be understandable, sometimes they defy reason and logic. Nobody enjoys or plans to get arrested. However, police may apprehend you for simply being in the wrong place at an inopportune time. Share this information with your friends and family as it might be helpful in the future. The basic rule of being arrested is to listen to the police and do exactly as they say. Our experts on bail bond in Orlando offer the following things you should never do if you get arrested:

Never talk.

Do not say anything to the police. Everyone has the right to remain silent and should take advantage of this right. Stop talking! Never try to convince the police of your innocence. Police officers constantly hear how the people they take into custody are innocent, should not have been arrested, and should not be in jail. They do not care whether you are guilty or innocent, and at this point, there is nothing they could do about it if they did. In many situations, individuals will say something to officers that worsens their circumstances. Stay silent. You will have plenty of time for talking later.

Never run.

If you try to get away, police officers can add extra charges against you like an escape from custody, resisting arrest, or attempting to elude arrest. Also, if your case makes it to trial, the court may force special jury instruction called consciousness of guilt. It means that a jury is directed that innocent people do not try to evade police, but guilty people do. Also, police often become anxious that people who run have a weapon, and you may end up tased, shot, or dead.

Never resist arrest.

Probably the most critical thing to remember is not to touch a police officer at all. Listen to what they tell you to do and follow their instructions closely. Do not fight them; fight the case. You will invariably lose in an altercation with the police, and sometimes it's your life. Many people swat or bump an officer's hands away from them. The officer may exaggerate this, and your simple swat becomes hitting or assaulting an officer of the law, making your minor misdemeanor into a felony charge.

Never believe the police-they will lie to you.

It is entirely legal for a police officer to lie to you to persuade you to admit a crime, and they get training to lie to convince you to confess. It is called the Reid Technique, where they lie about having DNA, fingerprints, videotape, or witnesses. In addition, they often separate friends and tell one that the other told on them so that friend will tell on their buddy. Detectives and police officers will also advise you that it will be easier if you talk now. But, again, these are lies. They are simply looking for the best way to prove a case against you.

These are just a few of the things you should never do if you get arrested. Contact us today if you need bail bonds in Orlando. We are here to help secure your release.