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4 Tips to Turn Yourself in on an Arrest Warrant

4 Tips to Turn Yourself in on an Arrest Warrant

4 Tips to Turn Yourself in on an Arrest Warrant

At Mike Snapp Bail Bonds, we understand that getting arrested and going to jail is often frustrating and confusing, so we are always here to help. We are just a phone call away when you need help, like finding a defense attorney or covering bail bonds in Orlando. Our experience and expertise make us the right company to call if this is the first time you have been in a legal debacle.

One common issue we assist people with is turning themselves in on a warrant for their arrest. There are many reasons the authorities might issue a warrant for your arrest, including not showing up for a scheduled court date or committing a crime. Regardless of the reason, you should consider these tips when turning yourself into the police:

Hire a defense attorney

The first step in the process, if you are wise, is to hire an experienced lawyer to represent you. We recommend securing your defense attorney before turning yourself in on an arrest warrant. Turning yourself into the police leads to being booked in jail in most situations. However, there are other potential alternatives, like having the warrant recalled, receiving a plea bargain, or reducing your bail. These alternatives require the help of a qualified attorney. On the other hand, failure to hire legal representation before turning yourself into the police is risky.

First, you may be held in jail for several days before you have the opportunity to reach out to a lawyer. In addition, you may not be able to post bond and get released right away. Also, you may inadvertently make statements to the police that negatively impact your case. Hiring a lawyer before turning yourself in usually leads to less embarrassment (think being handcuffed in your house in front of your children). In addition, it gives you the opportunity to secure a lower bond.

Clothing and personal property

When you arrange to turn yourself in, try to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t look sloppy. If you intend to post bail immediately, bring your credit card or cash to pay the bond and essential identification, like a driver's license or state ID card. Limit any other personal property you bring along. Anything that raises suspicion or is illegal will make your situation worse. You are permitted to bring prescription reading glasses and prescription medications, but it is always best to have your lawyer help coordinate these items in advance with the jail.

Consider your timing

Any experienced attorney will inform you that the best days to turn yourself in are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, Mondays are always busy days for law enforcement officers and courts, and magistrates and judges are known for being out of the courtroom on Fridays, so you might have to spend the weekend in jail before going before them.

Understand your Miranda rights

An officer will read you your Miranda rights when you turn yourself in, which explains your right to remain silent, among other essential information. It is critical to recognize that you waive your right to remain silent if you speak to the police, and everything you say can legally be used against you in court. If your lawyer is not with you and you want to remain silent, inform officers that you are doing so and do not answer any of their questions when they try to manipulate and provoke you.

Follow these tips to turn yourself in on an arrest warrant. And if you need to post bail but cannot cover it in full, call us for bail bonds in Orlando.