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Reasons to Use a Bail Bond Agent.

Reasons to Use a Bail Bond Agent.

Reasons to Use a Bail Bond Agent.

You won't be released from custody without confidence from the court that you will appear for all trials and hearings when you are arrested for a serious crime. If the court believes you are not likely to appear, they will require that you pay a certain amount of money, the bail. You can pay cash to the court directly to post your bail, and you will be released from custody. In many cases, people find they do not have enough liquid assets to cover the amount of bail, and courts will accept bail bonds. A bail bond is a guarantee by an insured bail bond company to pay the entire bail amount on your behalf. However, if you fail to appear at your scheduled court dates, you will forfeit your rights to any amount paid to the court and cannot get that money back. Our experts on bail bonds in Orlando offer these benefits provided by a bond agent.

Your right to due process

It is no secret that dealing with the consequences when you or a loved one is arrested is stressful. This stress is far-reaching and affects friends, family, and anyone involved closely with the detained. Therefore, it is essential to know your rights when you find yourself in this situation. Every American citizen has the right to bail under the Eighth Amendment. Once you post bail, you are guaranteed release from jail until your court date. However, bail amounts depend on the crime, so some charges are more expensive than others. In most cases, people cannot afford to post bail in full for themselves or a loved one, so they call a bondsman.

In addition, any process within the judicial system can be overwhelming and confusing, but many worries can be eliminated with the help of a professional. Most people do not understand the bail bond system. Hiring a bail bonds agent can help to guide you throughout the arrest process and give you access to a professional who knows the arrested party's rights and any law limitations.In addition, experienced agents will help you understand how the legal process might work depending on your situation, what to expect, and how to prepare. The best bond professionals will protect you, your loved ones, and your assets.

Speeding your release

If you cannot reasonably afford to post bail because you are tight on money, you or your loved one may be in custody for far longer than necessary, awaiting trial. Reputable bail bond companies have contacts that can help to speed the process, allowing you or your loved one to be released and get home quickly.

Help to complete paperwork

Filing a bail bond requires a significant amount of paperwork that is often difficult to understand and confusing. Bail bond agents are experts with this paperwork and will guide you through the process.

Keeping your finances private

In many cases, courts become apprehensive when individuals have plenty of on-hand money to cover their bail. As a result, courts may ask the person providing bail money to prove their funds are valid and were legally earned. For such an investigation, a judge may demand copies of tax documents, pay stubs, and bank statements to prove your assets reflect the ability to provide bail in full. However, bail bond agents never ask you for such proof, and because these companies have vast experience working with the courts, they are rarely scrutinized when posting bail on a person's behalf.

You keep your money

Bail is a way for the court to guarantee that a defendant appears in court, but most families cannot pay upfront costs with high average bail. So you only pay a portion of the total bail using a bond dealer, typically around 10%. Once paid, a bondsman will act as a surety on the accused's behalf. The entire court process may take many months, and if you can afford to go without a large sum of money for that long, great, but when you can't use bail bonds in Orlando to keep your money in your pocket instead of the court's hands.