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Understanding Bail Bonds in Orlando

Understanding Bail Bonds in Orlando

Understanding Bail Bonds in Orlando

If you or a loved one has been detained for a serious crime, the chances are good that you will need to secure a bail bond to be released from custody. Luckily, most people do not have much experience dealing with bail bonds. However, if you have never been arrested or forced to post bail, you may want to learn more about the whole process. Our experts on bail bonds in Orlando offer the following information to help you understand the process better.

Understanding the meaning of bail

Bail involves an agreement between the court, the defendant, and you. As a defendant, you agree to post a specific dollar amount to the court to ensure that you will appear for your scheduled court date. After appearing in court as required, you can get your money back according to the bail bond agreement.

For example, if the court sets your bail at $20,000, you can pay the $20,000 to the court to secure your release from custody pending your court appearance. Then, after you return to court on the set date and time, you can get the money you posted back whether you are convicted of the accused crime or not. On the other hand, if you fail to appear in court for even one of the set court dates, you immediately forfeit the $20,000 you paid, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. In addition, if you cannot pay the amount of bail set by the court, you will remain in jail.

Not being able to post bail can be stressful and difficult. This often means that you remain in custody for the time between your arrest and the start of your trial. This makes posting bail a top priority for most people after being arrested. This is also why many people turn to bail bonds to secure their release from custody.

How bail bonds work

Bail bonds are pretty similar to personal loans. If you can pay a small percentage of the total bond, a bail bonds agent will put up the rest of the bail so you can be released from jail. For example, if your bail is set at $20,000, you or a family member would be expected to make a deposit of $2000. Then the bail bond professional would provide the rest of the bail for you. Some bail bond agencies also expect you to provide some form of collateral to post your bail for you. Collateral can include cars, jewelry, or a deed to your house. This collateral is used to ensure that you will appear for your specified court date. If you don’t, you forfeit any money or collateral you paid.

Posting your ball is a financial risk for the bondsman or agency you work with, so they often take additional precautions to make sure they will get back the money they have loaned you. These precautions often include:

  • Preferring that a friend or relative provide collateral. This makes you less likely to skip court because you do not want to cost the family member or friend the collateral they put up in your favor.
  • Calling you before every court date to remind you to appear for court, so they do not forfeit the money they loaned you.
  • Requiring you to make periodic check-ins at their office to ensure that you have not skipped town.

Though these precautions can be annoying, they are a small price to pay for your freedom from police custody.

This is an overview of bail bonds and how they work. Contact us today for bail bonds in Orlando. We are here to help secure your release from custody.