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Bail Bond FAQs

Bail Bond FAQs

Bail Bond FAQs

If you or somebody you know gets arrested, there's a good possibility you will try to get them out of custody as quickly as possible. The only legal way to get out of jail before facing the charges is to produce a release fee, also known as bail. The release fee is determined by a judge and can be costly, even for a petty offense, which is where bail bonds in Orlando come into the picture.

Who are bail bond agents?

They are authorized professionals who negotiate with jails and courts to guarantee release for their customers. For this assistance, they typically charge approximately ten percent of the release fee and whatever additional expenses are incurred. Once you are released, this individual is liable if you fail to show up for your court date. If you choose to skip town or not show up, they send bounty hunters to locate you, detain you, and carry you back to jail.

How does the bail process work?

After an arrest, the detainee is taken in, booked, fingerprinted, and photographed for mug shots. Once this is completed, they can make arrangements for release. For instance, the cost of bail is $4,000, you would pay a bail bond agent about $400 and any other fees they charge for their services. After getting paid, they will head down to the jail, deliver the bond, and recover the a. arrested individual. A meeting with the payer, the detainee, and the bondsman will typically take place, telling you what they expect from you. No other fees will be assessed if you make it to your court dates.

Why do I only pay ten percent?

That is the lawfully acceptable minimum for these companies to charge. You can pay the total amount and avoid dealing with a bondsman, but it is typically a considerable sum of money. If the individual doesn't show up for the court date, you are accountable for them, and you lose your payment. You will get your money back in full if they do show up. These companies take a risk. They put up the whole amount for all of their customers, and as long as their customers appear in court, they make ten percent profit from them. A client who fails to appear causes them to lose a lot of money, so they send bounty hunters to locate you and guarantee they get that money back.

What if I can't pay ten percent?

Some bond agents offer an alternative to finance your ten percent fee. Bail bond agents usually have an office full of experts, including finance professionals. Their finance team works with you to develop an appropriate payment plan for both parties. So, if money is tight at the moment, you don't need to worry, you can still get your loved one released from jail.

If you or somebody you know is in jail, get assistance. You don't want them to stay there a single minute longer than they have to. So call us today and get them out fast.